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First, go to the OneSignal site and sign up for an account.

After signing up click on Add a New App and enter your blog name and then click on Create button.

Then select Web Push and click on Next.

Now, choose your website builder or CMS from Choose Integration.

Then enter the name and address of your site. Apart from this, here you can also add the icon URL for your site.

Now go to Permission Prompt Setup and click on Add a Prompt.

Here leave all settings default and click on Save button. If you want, you can also customize it according to your needs.

After making all the settings click on the Save button.
You will now have a code that you need to add to the head section of your site. So copy it in notepad.
Now, go to your Blogger blog and click on Theme >> Edit HTML.
Then paste this copied code after the head tag.

After pasting the code, go to OneSiganl settings page again and scroll down to Add your first user then click on Go to my website option.

Here you will see a bell button at the bottom of your site. Now go to OneSignal settings page and click on FInish button.

Congratulations, you have successfully enabled OneSignal push notifications on your site.
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