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1. First of all download FileZilla FTP client on your computer. Then open FileZilla FTP client.

2. Then click on File >> Site Manager.

3. On clicking Site Manager, a new page of FileZilla FTP server will open in front of you. Here you have to click on “New Site” then enter the name of your site (any name).

In the next step you have to enter the host name. Then click on Protocol and select “FTP – File Transfer Protocol” from the drop down menu.

After this, FTP server information such as FTP password, user name and port will have to be entered. You can get all this FTP account information from your web hosting cPanel.

You enter 21 for Port in FTP and use 22 for SFTP port.

4. After entering your FTP server information, click on the “Connect” button.

Now your web server will be connected to FileZilla FTP Client. Computer files appear in FileZilla on the left, and folders and files from your Web server are displayed on the right.
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