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Open App

First of all open Google Opinion Rewards.

Select Gmail Account

As soon as you open it, you have to select your Gmail account.

Enter Your Name

Now you have to enter your First Name and Last Name in it. Enter the pincode of your area. And select India in the country and click on Continue.

Enter Your Address

Enter your address. Now enter the address of your city and state and click on Continue.

Check On Agreement

In this you have to click on I Understand Agreement, then click on Continue.

Select Gender

Now select your gender.

Enter Your Age

Enter your age.

Enter Area Pin Code

Enter the pincode of your area.

Enter Your Yearly Income

What is your annual income, you have to write it here. If you are a student then you select the first option. Your Google Opinion Rewards account has been created. Now you can earn money through this.
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