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Login to Blogger>> Select blog>>Settings>>Search Preference>>Edit Custom redirect


Now you have to put old link in From and put new link in To.
Remember, you do not have to put the complete url in front of From and To, you have to put the link next to the domain name.

Like This is the full url, you just have to enter /2017/06/your-post-link.html.

Then tick on permanent and save and click on save changes.

In this way you can redirect the old link of the post to the new one.


In Search Console, go to the page with Crawl >> Crawl error >> not found 404 error.

Tick ​​the links which have been redirected and click on MARK AS FIXED.

Great!! You have successfully fixed the Not Found 404 error. If visitors open old links then they will be redirected to new links.
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