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If u are using a tab or laptop u can easy create space option on the top left ,u can fill in your details and space will be created..
If in case u are using a mobile then click on your profile photo and u will be landing on your profile page ,where u can easily see create space option under your credentials.. hope it helps.. and moreover u won’t be able to use all options of your space immediately,they become available as viewership increases..
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To create Quora Spaces, first you go to the profile of English Quora and then click on your profile icon in the top right side and then click on your Quora name at the bottom.

As you click on your Quora name, you come to your Quora profile, now here in the lower right side click on the plus sign in front of Spaces.

Click on the plus sign in front of Spaces

By clicking on the plus sign, a popup will appear in front of you, now in this popup type the name and description for Quora Spaces in one line and then click on the button of Create in the bottom right side.

Quora will advise you to import the contact list as soon as you click on the Create button. If you want, you can refuse it by clicking on the skip importing button below and then automatically ask other people available on Quora to follow your Spaces.

As you click on the skip importing option, you will see many profiles available on Quora, to send invitations to all those people, click on the tick mark on the small box and then click on the preview invite button below.

As soon as you click on the preview invite button, the preview of how the message will go to the people will appear in front of you, the description is written by Quora itself, if you want, you can edit it and write something else.

And now click on the send invitation button below and then a message will be sent to all those people to follow your Spaces.

By doing this, you invite more and more people to follow your Quora Spaces, when you have more and more followers in your Quora Spaces, then whatever answer or article you write, more and more people will read it and then you will earn more and more. .
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