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WordPress importers try to import images along with your posts. You can check your importe images by going to the Media >> Library page of your WordPress site.

But first, you need to export your old site. Log in to your old site (move your site to the old host), click on Tools >> Export and select All content and then hit on Download Export File.

When you click on Download Export File, it will start downloading your file.

Now, login to your new WordPress site (again switch to the new host). Click on Tools >> Import and install WordPress importer.

After installing click on Run Importer.

Now, select your XML file to upload, then click on Upload file and import.

WordPress will provide the option to assign importer authors or you can create a new account for each author's post.

Now check Download and import file attachments to import all the attachments (images) attached to the post and page.

This will start importing the images into the media library.
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