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1.Download Software

To install Linux OS, you have to download two software, first Ubuntu OS setup and second bootable software, both of which are very necessary.

2. Make the Pen Drive Bootable

First of all you have to make a pen drive bootable, for this you have to open Universal USB software and then follow the steps given below.

First of all open the software, then click on I agree, now you have to select Ubuntu, then click on browse and select ubuntu setup, now select pendrive, then click on create, now on yes Click |

3. Using the F12 Keys

When your pen drive becomes bootable, then you have to put that pen drive in your computer or laptop, after that you have to restart your system, as soon as your system starts starting you have to press F12 keys, as soon as you press the keys The system window will go into boot mode, you have to select USB here.

4.Language Choice

After selecting USB, you have to choose the language, here you select English, after that you have to click on Install ubuntu.

5.Click on Continue

Now the prepping page will open in front of you, you will see two options there, you have to tick them both, after that you have to click on Continue.

6.Select Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu

Now the installation type page will open in front of you, here you will have the option of Erase disk and install ubuntu, you have to select it, after that you have to click on Install Now.

Now you have to click on Continue again, after that choose the location and then click on continue, now you have to choose English Uk in keyboard layout, after that you have to click on Continue.

7. Entering Name and Password

Now a box will come in front of you, you have to enter your name, username and password in it, whatever username and password you enter, make a note of it somewhere, so that it remembers you, when you turn on the computer, then you will get this user. Name and Password will be required.

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8.Wait to Install

After entering the details of the username and password, you will click on Continue, the window will start installing in your system, as soon as the installation process is completed, you will get the option of Restart, you have to click on it. That is, when your computer is restarted, the Ubuntu Linux operating system will be installed in it.
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