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Balvinder Singh Selected

Balvinder Singh

2 years ago
Not one thing but many
1. Using better keywords in trending
2. Using images in content with keywords
3. Writing long articles with optimized structure
4. Frequency of posting, like 3-4 posts a week or daily single posts. Whatever frequency, just regularity
5. Internal Linking means linking content with each other, like link high-ranking content with low-ranking content.
6. Keep old articles updated however small a change may be.
7. Guest posting on other domains for backlinks
8. Active social media followers
9. High-quality backlinks

These are many factors but main factor is just keep doing until you reach, time may vary, it can be from day to days for these to work.

Akshat Gupta Selected

Akshat Gupta

2 years ago
Try this to Rank Site on Google.

1. Rank Blog by Correct Post Title

To get ranked on the first page in Google, first of all you have to write the title of your post correctly and research it. Only then your post will appear on google. If you put any such title in the post according to your mind, then your post and blog will never rank on google and google will not show it anywhere. You have to keep the title as big as possible, but keep the title according to the criteria of Seo, keeping the title big does not mean that you keep writing the title, the post tittle should be unique and search.

2. Rank Blog on Google with Correct Meta Description

Meta Description is very important to rank a blog, it comes in handy that whenever someone searches on Google, the Blue Title is followed by Meta Description. If you write the meta description in an attractive way, then the user will definitely come to you by clicking on the post.in Meta Description, you should also put a little title so that your ranking can increase.

3. Correct the Permalink to Rank the Website

By correcting permalink, we mean that many bloggers keep permalink default, you do not have to do this. You have to edit it and sort it. The smaller the permalink, the higher your blog Google Rank will be. Be sure to include keywords related to the title in the permalink.

4.Speed ​​up the page speed of the website

If the loading speed of your blog website is not correct then your blog can never rank on the first page of google. Therefore, to increase the speed of your blog, you must buy the right and best web hosting. Apart from this, make sure to optimize your blog properly.

5. Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

If you have your own blogger and want to rank your blog on the first page of Google right away. So you have to learn to write the first blog post. Keep this in mind an SEO friendly blog post.it is necessary to write. Only then there is a possibility of increasing visitors to your blog.

6. Add Blog to Google Webmaster

Until you submit your blog to Google Webmaster, new updates on your blog. Visitors will not come. Therefore, submit the website in the webmaster.

Bonus Point  We are sharing you a list of some websites, go there and submit your blog, which will help you rank Blog in Google. If you create High Quality Backlinks from these websites, then your blog will be ranked in google. No one can stop.

• https://www.reddit.com