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Step: #1

First of all go to and sign in with Google account. You have to sign in with the same Google account. The account from which you created your blog.

Step: #2

After signing in, Blogger Dashboard will open in front of you. From here you go to the left side and click on Layout Menu.

Step: #3

Now Blogger Layout will be open in front of you. Now go to the part of the blog where you want to show your profile and click on Add a gadget. Here we are displaying Blogger Profile on the Right Side of the Blog.

Step: #4

Now the list of all the Gadgets available by Blogger will open in front of you in the New Browser Window. Out of which you have to click on Profile Gadget. For this, you click on the + button built inside this gadget.

Step: #5

Now your Profile Show will be in front of you. Which you edit according to you. After filling or deleting the information, click on Save.
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