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FTP Client (Software) is required to use FTP. Here's how to use it through Filezilla:

1: Download Filezilla

First of all you have to download Filezilla FTP Client. Download and install it.

2: FTP Server Details

Now you have to fill all the information of FTP Server in it. so that you can connect to it.

3: File

Go to File Menu option.

4: Site Manager

Now click on Site Manager option.

5: Enter Details

Now the window of Site Manager will open. Here you have to fill the information like this.

6: New Site – Click on New Site.

7: My Sites – Enter a name for your site in the profile name.

8: Host – Write Host Name in it. In this you have to write your domain name.

9: Port – Port number is 21 by default.

10: Protocol - Now select FTP.

11: Encryption – Select Use Plain FTP in it.

12: Select Logon Type – Normal.

13: User – Enter the username of the FTP account you have created.

14: Password – Enter the password.

15: Connect - And now click on Connect.

After this your Filezilla will be connected to your hosting server. And the file of your server will appear on the right side. From here you can access your server's files through Filezilla. And through Filezilla, you will be able to make changes in the file easily.
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