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When you have created your account Google Question, now it is the turn how to use it. In the left side you will see 3 options –

1: My Hub – With this option, you can search any topic in the search bar, then you will get to see many questions related to it. You can give the URL of your content by clicking on the submit icon on the relevant question from your article.

2: Saved – If you save any question to be answered later, then you can see all those questions in this option and then you can answer later.

3: Performance – Whatever question you submit on Google Question Hub, you can also track its report that how many impressions, clicks have come on the answer given by you. For this, you are provided with the option of performance in the Dashboard.

4: Profile Icon – You will see the profile icon on the right side, by clicking on which you can make some changes in your profile. If you are facing any problem in using GQH, then you can read GQH's blog by clicking on the help icon. And you can also invite your friends to the Question Hub as well.
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