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Sep 22, 2021

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I was having the same doubt few months back. Bought Business Plan on Hostinger. Quick customer support.. Server up time is very good. Reliable service for small websites.
2 years ago   1
I had contacted them few months back regarding the pricing. I can see that they charge low amount initially and you will have to pay high fees for renewal.
2 years ago   1
Better to choose perfect web hosting services if you are planning for long term blogging business. Hostinger is also a good service. but I do not know about this service in the long run. My personal recommendation is Siteground and A2 Hosting. They are providing very good page speed loading services. their customer services are good. I am using these services for a few years.
2 years ago   1
Hello, I am using hostinger for my website. Its service is good. my website is Its loading time is good and its price is low. If you worried about what will they charge after one year then you will have an option to change web hosting. So don't worry you can go with hostinger. If you want to know another web hosting then reply. I will help you.
2 years ago   2
Yes i m using Hostinger right now, They have great customer support, They will reach you and help you out very soon if you encounter any problems.
2 years ago   2
yes it ok for a normal blog traffic in hostinger. its recommend not to host multiple site in shared same host account , as it will lack site speed, i will recommend to go with siteground or a2hosting for better speed of wordpress or find cloud hosting,,,
2 years ago   1
Of course, it is. I have been with them for the last 2 years. I have also written a full review on this Hosting. In short, I am very happy with their service and overall performance.
1 year ago   1
Used hostinger for a year, the company will give best experience with best possible solutions to each and every errors. But due to covid live chat has gone.
The service is top-notch
12 months ago   1
Sanjit Gupta that's a wonderful insight. Thanks buddy
12 months ago   1
All hosting company do like this .

They offer cheap plan in starting and after that at the time of renewal charges are high.
4 months ago   1

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