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Sep 22, 2021

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Here are the pros

1. Great reliability with solid uptime
2. Highly scalable plans
3. Excellent customer support via live chat
4. Offers Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL
5. Automated backups with self-restore
6. Free site migration for new customers
7. HTTP/2 enabled in all plans

And the cons;

Mixed hosting speed results for some areas
Shared plans offer limited storage
Relatively high renewal prices

2 years ago   1
Rahul Gupta yes there everything ok with siteground but not best for beginner as its cost high..
2 years ago   1
Sovan Das I have used bluehost in my initial days of blogging. I like their price and service
2 years ago   2
I use siteground and love it! But had to change because their renewal fee is so high!! Had I known, I would have gone for their three years introductory plans!
2 years ago   1

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