Is WordPress good for membership sites?

Is it possible to offer membership in WordPress where only members can access ad free content? i.e. gaana vs gaana plus ?

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Rahul Gupta Selected

Rahul Gupta

2 years ago
Hi Swati,

You can easily as WordPress offers variety of plugins that can help you achieve what u looking for:
1. MemberPress
2. LearnDash
3. S2Member
4. Teachable

Hope this helps.
Swati Joshi

Swati Joshi

2 years ago
Thanks Rahul, These plugins are great to create additional layer of filters to my site pages. I am aware of a few listed here. But what I am interested to learn is how to show Ad-free pages once they login via role based filters.

I tried finding for an example, but no such site hit me via Google search.

Balvinder Singh Selected

Balvinder Singh

2 years ago
Hi Swati,
if you looking to hide adsense ads, you may need to use a combo of plugins.
One example be, if you use buddypress + advanced ads, then you can hide/show ads based on user roles.
Here is one official doc for same example

there are many plugins combinations, some by the same author, some 3rd party that helps with this functionality.