Swati Joshi

Jul 05, 2021

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Hi Swati,

You can easily as WordPress offers variety of plugins that can help you achieve what u looking for:
1. MemberPress
2. LearnDash
3. S2Member
4. Teachable

Hope this helps.
7 months ago   1
Thanks Rahul, These plugins are great to create additional layer of filters to my site pages. I am aware of a few listed here. But what I am interested to learn is how to show Ad-free pages once they login via role based filters.

I tried finding for an example, but no such site hit me via Google search.
7 months ago   1
Hi Swati,
if you looking to hide adsense ads, you may need to use a combo of plugins.
One example be, if you use buddypress + advanced ads, then you can hide/show ads based on user roles.
Here is one official doc for same example https://www.buddyboss.com/resources/docs/integrations/advanced-ads/

there are many plugins combinations, some by the same author, some 3rd party that helps with this functionality.

6 months ago   2

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