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Sep 29, 2021

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Status is online is an advertisement partner providing publisher the chance to earn as an alternative of google ads and provide a large catalogue of ads. It also serves as a medium for advertisers to show their product to blog audiences using network.
2 months ago   1
Never got approval as they allow only sites with traffic of 50K+ and high-quality content. They have a very rare approval chance, even sites with approval of AdSense may be rejected here. But it is the strongest competitor to AdSense in terms of ad catalogue and technology with earnings.
3 months ago   2
It is provided by Yahoo and Bing. You can also call it Adsense Alternative. This can also be very good for those people whose Adsense is not getting approved. Its biggest feature is that it is a Contextual Ads Network.

Meaning that the topic on which your blog is posted, you will be shown ads of the same type. In this you can also customize your ads. If your blog is in Hindi then you cannot use it. It supports English language only. It is also very easy to earn money from this and the approval for the blog is also quick.
2 months ago   1

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