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Now we will discuss some top and profitable niches for Blogging. These are the 5 top blogging niches that can get help you to earn a lot of money online.

1. TECH 

Go for tech only if you are really a tech lover and are mad for new gadgets, latest technology updates, news, and love to explore the PC tips and tricks.


If you are good at writing and love to make your life beautiful and you love to help others to make their life beautiful, then Lifestyle is the best niche for your you. Go for Lifestyle Blogging. In Lifestyle, you need to keep yourself aware of the changes in trends and lifestyle.


Ya, you read it right!!  Blogging about Blogging topics, nothing can be better than this. Start Blogging on Blogging Tips. How to make a blog, how to get Google Adsense on the blog. Topics like these will give a super boost to your traffic because as you know that Blogging is growing at a very fast pace. Just look around on the social media like Facebook and Instagram and notice the number of Bloggers that are growing.


Travel Nice is for you if you travel places, you love to explore the beauties of the world. You love to explore the beautiful islands, the waterfalls, the mountains and all that which attracts you. There are a lot of places to travel in India and abroad. Just Start your travel blog, visit places on your own. Explore them, go to various cities, write about the people of that place, the food, hospitality. Share your beautiful snapshots on the blog. Travel niche can be very profitable. Travel niche is one of the best money making blog niche if done properly. There are a lot of popular travel blogs which you can find here.


Food, who does not love it. We all have our favorite dishes, the food items that we like the most and can do anything for it. Food and Recipe Blogging can be very profitable for you as it. You have a lot of scope in food blogs. You can write about the recipes and cooking steps of various delicious dishes that you know.
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