Best Places to Visit in Hardoi

Best Places to Visit in Hardoi

Hardoi is a city in Uttar Pradesh with historical significance and a diverse religious population.

1. Shri Baba Mandir

One of the ancient temples of Hardoi district is Shri Baba Mandir which is situated in the heart of the city. This temple is so famous that every child of this city is aware of the name of Baba Mandir. Also, the people residing here also have great faith in this temple, whenever someone buys a new vehicle in Hardoi City, first of all, he goes to the Shri Baba temple and offers prasad there. Apart from this, the newly married couple also come here for darshan.

2. Raja Narpati Singh Memorial Ruiagarhi Madhoganj

A famous tourist place near Hardoi city is the memorial of Raja Narpati Singh. Although there is nothing special to visit here, but just a monument remains here, this is a village important for those who want to see the wandering history. Because this village was the birth place of the great freedom fighter Raja Narpati Singh, and Raja Narpati Singh had defeated the British army due to his skill and bravery.

3. Clock Tower, Victoria Hall

This tourist place is a very beautiful building, in which a big clock has been installed, although now this clock is closed, but the grandeur of this building is made on sight. This Ghanta Ghar Clock Tower is an identity of the city of Hardoi. This clock worked till the year 1960 and the bells in it were heard for 4-5 miles, it is also known as Victoria Hall.

4. Nawab Daler Khan's Tomb Shahabad

This historical tourist place is located at a distance of about 35 kilometers from the city of Hardoi. It was sent by Shah Jahan to revolt in Shahjahanpur, and this Daler Khan had established Shahabad, now the tomb of Daler Khan does not exist, but still its remains are still present in Shahabad, which has two grand entrances. Is. It is said that Nawab Daler Khan was an Afghan.

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