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Oct 11, 2021

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Rankmath is a very powerful seo toool with many features like
1. Unlimited keywords - that too connected with search so you can type keyword and get popular queries auto populated for you to select from, i.e. what people actually searching
2. Multiple schema that are required for Google rich text snippets
3. Title analyser
4. Meta and url analyser
5. Internal link analyser
6. Free seo score checker inbuilt tool
7. Analytics and search console integration
8. Keywords rank checker (paid version)
9. Sitemap integration
10. Suport for custom type
11. FAQ
12. Keyword density analyser

There are many features even in free version and best for new blogs
If you are a big blog, then do use paid features that will boost up your seo.
6 months ago   1
MyThemeShop has launched a brand new Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress users. You can download it for free. It offers dozens of SEO features to optimize your website content.


Auto Canonical URLs.

Google Keyword Ranking.

Google Schema Rich Snippets Integrated.

Social Media Optimization.

More Website Verification Options.

Automated Image SEO.
XML Sitemap.

Simple 404 Monitor.

.htaccess Editor.

Robots.txt Editor.
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