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Sep 29, 2021

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What is Seo Tool Adda? which is a Group Tools providing any type of Tools at a low price. Sometimes a new blogger or YouTuber is unable to buy Paid Tools. Because the price of Paid Tools is very high. We need some kind of tools for online business like SEO, Blogger, YouTuber and Affiliate. Which helps us to be successful soon.

1. SeoToolAdda Features: If you want to use or want to use SeoToolAdda, then there are some benefits to it which are as follows-

• The best tools are available at very low prices.
• A variety of tools can be used.
Get huge discounts on all tools purchased.
• Users can also promote by joining the Affiliate Program.
• Methods are available for many types of payment.

2: SEO tool Adda Plans: Many types of Validity Plans are present now. For example, 1 Month, 2 Month, 3 Month and 6 Month Plans are available in Combo Plan. Apart from this, you can also buy for 1 month in Single Plans.

3: Seoadda Price

• Ahrefs: Rs. 299
• Semrush. Rs. 249
• Moz. Rs. 199
• Alexa. Rs. 149
• SERPSTAT. Rs. 249
• SEMSCoop. Rs.149
• Keyword Tool. Rs.199
• Buzzsum. Rs. 199
• SpyFu. Rs. 199
• Canva. Rs. 199
• Grammarly. Rs. 149
• Woorank. Rs. 149
• Rs. 149
• SkillShare. Rs. 149
• Animoto. Rs. 149
• PictoChart. Rs. 149
• Crello. Rs. 149
• PicMonkey. Rs. 149
• Suggest Tool. Rs. 149

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