Which are the steps that a new bloggers should take before starting a blog?

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Balvinder Singh Selected

Balvinder Singh

2 years ago
steps should follow
1. Do research on your selected niche before starting, choose which you have more interest in rather than seeing what others saying.
2. Do create some content in advance, initial 2-3 posts before starting.
3. Selection of blogging platform
- if you have a budget and planned everything goes for WordPress self-hosting
- if just starting and wanna free, go for medium.com/blogspot
4. Join Facebook communities/groups
5. Check with Pinterest on your related keywords, like if you starting with a cloth review blog, you may know kurta, top whatever people searching for. Do search these keywords on Pinterest/google trends to know, what people are searching.
6. follow up and read similar blogs on how they present content and what they share.

these are helpful steps for a new blogger.

Hitha Nanjappa Selected

Hitha Nanjappa

2 years ago
First and foremost,
Decide what topic/ niche your arr good at, passionate about and can create engaging posts for a long term.

Then, you can decide on the platform (WordPress, blogspot etc.)

Join multiple groups and post your blog links and make yourself visible as much as possible in all social media forums

Akshat Gupta Selected

Akshat Gupta

2 years ago
1. Choose a topic for blogging

You do not need any revolutionary topic to start blogging, but the blog must be on a particular topic.

While choosing the topic, you have to pay attention that your topic is good, how useful and how unique.

You should have good experience and different voice about that topic which will attract other people to your blog.

2. Select Blog Name

This step is very important because in this we are going to choose the name of the blog, which we also call the domain name.

Domain Name is your brand, so remember which name people will remember soon.

Domain Name can be used for only one blog or website, so after selecting the domain name, you can check the availability of the domain name by visiting the company's website like Godaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap.

The domain name that you like and is available, you can buy it for the blog.

3. Choose Blogging Platform

By Blogging Platform, I mean a software that you will use to run the blog.For this you have many options like WordPress, Joomla Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc.