Durga Bihone

May 27, 2021

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Require deep understanding.. In my opinion, Happiness but If you don't have sufficient amount of money in your bank account you won't be happy.
10 months ago   1
Happiness and Money can't buy all Happiness in life
10 months ago   1
Everyone needs happiness while having money also at the same time... you have to decide whether you are happy with 10K rs or 40-50k rs then the picture comes what question you have asked.
10 months ago   1

Money isn't evil but sacred. It doesn't stay long with undeserving.

Happiness is a consequence of what we do (or not) - starting from the thought of your mind to the ground reality.

In simple terms, can you be happy for long, living the life of despair? Or can you be rich without being happy in true essence?

In nature, everything is governed by balance. Hope I'm not too lecturing and it'd helped you :)
10 months ago   2
Vipin Gaur it was really helpful thankyou
10 months ago   1
Durga Bihone My pleasure :)
10 months ago   1
Depends upon at which stage u looking for it. If u are young, u need money to buy those happiness like expensive stays, clothes, food, trips

But if you grew older, real happiness won't be possible with money. U need something that makes u happy either your family, loved one and so on

Overall I feel money is something if we work for initial years, will bring happiness
10 months ago   1
Both are depend on each other
10 months ago   1