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This is open-source software. It has a great development community that pays to its development.
Hierarchical deterministic settings are being used by the wallet that supports users to endorse their accounts.
MetaMask has combined ShapeShift and Coinbase exchanges to make it easy to exchange ETH and other ERC-20 tokens
The wallet has an instinctive user interface.
MetaMask has consistent customer support.

There is a bigger risk of being hacked than with another type of wallet, for example, hardware wallets, equally an online wallet.
Most browsers for example Chrome gather user info that could compromise privacy.
The main inadequacy of the wallet is that it is a web-based wallet.
It is worthwhile to only use the wallet to store a small number of crypto coins to stay safe.
We could reflect it in the store for tokens to buy products for instance DApps on the Ethereum blockchain.
Do not hesitate to use MetaMask if new to Ethereum.
Only use it with great caution. Remember to all the time keeping the computer, browser, and MetaMask informed for improved security.
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