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Sep 22, 2021

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Akismet is a basic and default spam protection plugin provided on all WordPress sites irrespective of the theme and plan.
With my experience, it has been a great tool as it has idenfied ALL spam comments coming into my site (based on spammy URLs identified by Google)
I can review and mark 'not spam these comments within 15 days of being tagged so,behind it will automatically get deleted of not approved within 15 days.
However, till now I have experienced 100% accurate performance of Akismet
4 months ago   1
This is the most popular antispam plugin in the WordPress directory. It has been developed by Automattic. Akismet WordPress plugin prevents spam comments and pingback on blogs. This is the best anti spam plugin for Spam Comment. Because it blocks 7.5 lakh spam comments every hour. You can check spam comments by going to the "Comments" section of your blog or website.
2 months ago   1
yes i agree, but what if a plugin can protect spam comment, give security like 2-3 time fail wp-login ip block, fail suspicious activity ip logged out, login url change, spammer ip detection and blocking feature, there also one too, wp-cerber, test please, best for blog security if its over shared hosting, think so,
4 months ago   1

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