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CMS is a Content Management Software. CMS software is mostly used by those users who want to manage the pages of their website. This software is considered to be the best software to manage the website page. This software has been specially designed in such a way that with its help many people can work simultaneously on the same website i.e. update it.

CMS is a software of Computer. Earlier CMS software was used to manage use computer files, but now it is used to manage web pages.
If we talk about CMS in more detail, then when you create a website, then you have to keep the whole code somewhere and also keep the images somewhere. That is to say, you have to manage the website in such a way that that website can be opened fast.

Meaning when you create a website, then you also give a login panel in it, so that only you mean admin can login in it and to provide security to that login, you will also create a security code so that no one else can access it. Be able to do Apart from this, what will be the URLs of the pages you are creating in the website you are creating, which means that the URL you are giving, whether it is URL and SEO User Friendly or not, you can decide all these management from CMS.
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CMS is a content management software allowing a user to manage content easily by providing dashboard and screens with controls to access and manage the system. WordPress is the most popular example of CMS which provides dashboard to manage data and settings with each plugins having options to consider. Content basically files, media, text is handled by Wordpress CMS itself.
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