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The full name of eBook is Electronic Book, it is an electronic book only. And it is also called PDF. You can read this book on your mobile and computer.

You can also print it if you want. It supports all types of devices. And we can also share it from one place to another. And you can also download it.

Now most of the people use eBook more. Because today mobile is being used so much that we use mobile for all our work. We get all the facilities on mobile only. Whether it is bank work or office, we do all our work on mobile.

Just as a book has an author, similarly an eBook also has an author or owner. An eBook is just like a book. Many people think that eBook and PDF are different but eBook and PDF are the same thing.
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Ebook is the scanned form of a normal book saved on digital medium in different formats like pdf, epub and can be read by sofwares known as readers like pdf reader, epub reader.
Ebook can be just images or rich text pages with media and links. Ebooks contain same info as any hard copy book
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