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The full form of LSI is (Latent Semantic Indexing). Search engines like Google crawl through search engine bots before ranking the content of the page you have written. And find whether the keywords and content are matching or not. Apart from this, it checks the relationship by matching other phrases or sentences related to the content.

The phrase or sentence related to the keyword, which users normally use in the search engine, is called LSI Keyword. LSI also searches the phrase written in the title of the content within the content. It is also known from LSI that how many times a word has been repeated.

If you use only one phrase many times, that too unnaturally, then it is in a way against the search engine. The same search engine checks it by matching it with LSI. If you pay a little attention and also use LSI Phrase in Content Title and Heading, then this is the best method. LSI Phrases are meaningful and are also related to the content.
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LSI in easier terms is the keywords related to the main keyword. Let say we are writing about Messaging app, so personal message is main keyword where as voice message, text message, message background, message history. These all are related keywords and link to the same content as main keyword.
So, if we do search for personal messaging apps, the main keyword we targeting will show up, but if we do search voice message, chances are that same result can show up, not same rank, but at least show up.
These LSI keywords help in increasing ranking of a content, and break tie of search engines when the sites competing for a same main keyword.
So, technically LSI adds to ranking factor in addition to main keyword.
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