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Whenever you buy any plan of Bluehost, you are given a free domain from Bluehost. Apart from this, many other free services are provided such as:

1: Unlimited Disk Space – In Bluehost, Unlimited Disk Space is given in all plans except the basic plan.

2: SSL Certificate – If you buy any hosting plan from Bluehost, then you are given an SSL certificate for free.

3: Free domain – By purchasing any plan from Bluehost, a free domain name is given along with it. Due to which the money of the domain is saved while creating a blog.

4: 24 * 7 Support – Bluehost gives 24 * 7 support to its users. Meaning if any kind of problem comes in your site then Bluehost agent stays online for 24 hours to fix it.

5: Unlimited Bandwidth – If you buy any plan from Bluehost, then you are given Unlimited Bandwidth. It is a type of hosting memory.

6: Backup – On buying hosting from Bluehost, you are given the option of backup. This means that in the future, if your site crashes or gets hacked, then you can restore your website again using the backup option.
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