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Sep 20, 2021

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This is the first thing that the Beginner Blogger should research by himself. Because whatever we tell the Best Niches. If they have more knowledge in that niche or they will not be interested in that topic. So the Niche told by us will not be beneficial for them. But your question is which are the best niches in 2021.

So according to me the answer would be Technology, Education, Mod apk, Cooking, Cryptocurrency. Apart from this, if you have more knowledge of SEO, then you can go to Insurance, Web Hosting, Loans, Laws, all of these. But I will not Reccombded because you will get good Cpc in this. But you will not be able to stand in their competition.
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I personally think, Don't Google what you like. If you choose what I am saying, say you write a food blog or a trending topic, you will never be online for a long time, so pick a niche you enjoy. Ask yourself what you are passionate about. It's All About Gaming, Traveling, Book Reading, and Other Things.
Then conduct a Google search (also Google Trends) How Many People Are Searching For Your Niche? (suppose Your niche is Gaming) Examine What Your Competitors Are Doing, Then Begin Blogging.
Learn about evergreen niches such as beauty products, digital marketing, diabetes, gaming, health, and many more. Choose what you enjoy, make bogging for a long time, and earn accordingly.
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I agree to what someone said above.
Don't pickup a niche that is trending now. This year, it maybe covid theme. Health, insurance, medical research, share market, diy home decor, gardening, pet care etc.
Next year, there night be a massive tsunami or earthquake and the trend will shift.

Instead, focus on an area that you enjoy writing about irrespective of the trend, you have knowledge to be consistent and continue blogging for many years.
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First decide your area of interest, what makes u happy and topics you always try to stay updated on... out of those interests choose one which is the evergreen topic and people will continue to read it even after 2 years or so. accordingly, decide the topic, research, and create your blog

All the best!

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Don't run behind what's making more money, it's like a fashion trend. What's in now will go tomorrow. Instead I recommend as below:

1. See what's your passion area: you need to be consistent and sustain on a long term. You can create good Content only if you like the subject that you are creating for.

2. Choose a lesser explored subject: Since what's a popular topic will have lot of bloggers, there will be a lot of competition. Instead finding a different/ lesser explored subject to create content will give you an early bird advantage.

3. Pick a subject on which you have sufficient knowledge: you must be able to give out good quality content as readers will be looking up to what you create. You can't give out fake, stolen, wrong, half-info that would lead to your followers losing trust on you.

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Health Blog is the best niche for blogging 2021.
because health is very important in corona time .
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According to me Insurance and Pet are evergreen topics. So, if any beginners want to achieve success in blogging in 2021, I will suggest them to go for Pet and if you have knowledge in insurance then you can opt for insurance as well.
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Blogging is won't be easy for you but you need to learn from those who have achieved success. The best way to learn how to blog is by reading blog posts by well-known and famous bloggers.
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This are best niche for blogging in 2021.

• Lifestyle
• photography
• travel
• writing
• do-it-yourself
• cryptocurrency
• Bitcoin
• how to series
• how To be series
• Smartphone and gadget review
• how to make series
• Money earn
• investing
• Finance
• fashion
• Fitness
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Here I am going to tell you about 9 such Blogging Niche on which you can start blogging:
  • Sports
  • Health & Fitness
  • Jobs
  • Technology
  • Banking & Finance
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Beauty & Fashion
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