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In today's time, everyone chooses such a career option, in which they can have a good future. Digital marketing is one of the popular career option in today's time because there are many good job offers available in it.

Digital marketing is the use of digital technologies on the Internet, social media, mobile devices, search engines and other channels to deliver products to customers.

In the field of digital marketing, you can do many types of jobs by taking courses according to your interest, talent and skills.

• Content Marketer
• Copywriter
• Conversion Rate Optimization
• PPC Manager/Executive
• SEO Executive/ Manager
• SEM Manager/Expert
Social Media •Manager/Executive
• E-Commerce Manager
• Analytical Manager
• CRM & E-mail Marketing Manager
• Web Designer/Developer and Digital Marketing
• Manager/Director
• SEO Executive/Manager

You can start your career in digital marketing by working on the above positions and after a few years of experience you can become a successful digital marketing expert and earn lakhs of rupees in a month.
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