July 07th, 2024

What is turn on comment moderation setting in blogger

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
By Comment Moderation Settings, you can moderate the comments received on the post before publishing them. And you can turn on Comment Moderation. For this you are provided with the following settings.


1. Always

If you want that all the comments received on your blog should not be published without checking, then you can keep Comment Moderation on forever and until you do not approve that comment yourself then that comment will not be published.

To keep the comment on Always Moderation, you must first select Always and after that write the Email Address. Comment notification will be sent to this email.

2. Sometimes

For the number of days you want to keep the new comment on Moderation. You can do its setting by this option. For this you first select Sometimes. After this, write the number of days in the first box and then the email address.

This setting depends on the time of the published post. Meaning, how many days old do you want to keep the comments received on the old post on Moderation.

3. Never

If you want to publish the received comments directly, then you can stop Moderating them. For this you select Never. And save the setting.
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