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1. What is the objective?

Know clearly for what purpose the projector will be used. For a presentation, simple slideshow, or image output with better quality and detail, this can all be done from a projector. If the projector will be installed at a university or school, you should not get the latest model with lens replacement capability. Conversely, if the image from the set-top box is displayed through the device, then its quality should be excellent.

2. Portable or not?

The weight and size of the projectors are subject to change. Some can come in pockets weighing up to several hundred grams, with some weighing several kilograms, which will require two hands to carry. Having chosen the correct size and weight of the projector, the user will ensure its convenient transfer in the future.

3. What will be the cost?

While buying any product, we must keep its value in mind. So even while taking a projector, we should pay special attention to what budget we should take the projector and what should be the features according to it.

4. What procedure is needed?

There is also a need to know what work will be done with the projector. Smart home systems have projectors with electronic access. Such extra work is useless if the projector is used exclusively for presentation of new products in a well-known company. You need to know what quality photos and videos will be presented on the device. What is the minimum distance between the screen and the device? Answering such questions will allow cutting down on unnecessary tasks for the user, which will also affect the price.
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