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The minimum payout in Quora Spaces is 10 dollars, that is, as soon as you complete $10 in Quora Spaces, the Quora team sends this money to the bank account given by you.

When you create Quora Spaces and start answering the article or people's question in it, then the ad is run on behalf of Quora in that article or answer and the money of that ad starts getting deposited in your Quora Spaces and when it is $10 complete If it goes, then the Quora team reviews your spaces.

In the review, the Quora team sees that you have written the answer or article by yourself or copy-pasted it from somewhere, if everything goes well, then your Quora Spaces gets the approval to earn money and then that $10 by you. Transfer is made to the given bank account.

When your Quora Spaces gets approval from Quora then as soon as $10 is completed in your Quora Spaces, Quora team transfers this money to your bank account.

If you want your Quora Spaces to get approval to earn money then you have to put original content in your space and continue working then only Quora team will approve your space to earn money
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