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Choosing the right keywords is very important in SEO. Also, it is very important to check that your website is ranking on the right keywords.

If your site is too old and the keywords you use are not relevant and out of date, it greatly affects your Google ranking and website traffic.

Think about your own search behavior. You try to use fancy or more simple language in the search query for your answer. There are many users who use different keyword variations for the same question and as a result, keywords and keyword phrases keep changing over time.

That's why you should keep updating your keywords from time to time and also check Google keyword rankings.

Also, to improve website SEO, you need to properly manage the keywords on your site and it is necessary to find out which keywords are ranking for your site so that you can work better on ranking keywords. can do In this way, the chances of getting a better rank in Google and other search engines increase.

To do this, you will need a keyword rank checker tool that can check the keyword ranking in your website.
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