Acrylamide Price, Monitor, Market analysis & Demand

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Acrylamide Price, Monitor, Market analysis & Demand

North America

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Acrylamide prices in the USA exhibited mixed trends due to various factors. In October, prices rose due to high-priced imports, but inflation eased in November, fostering improved business conditions. Positive trends continued in December as inflationary pressures further abated. Increased demand from water treatment and related industries contributed to better business conditions, and major exporting nations raised selling prices due to higher production costs.

November witnessed increased consumer spending and improved market activities, enhancing overall economic conditions. Despite only moderate demand in downstream industries, consumer confidence in the US increased in November and December, signaling optimism about future business conditions. However, higher Acrylonitrile prices on the supply side increased manufacturing costs, prompting major exporting nations to raise their selling prices.

As of December 2023, the assessed Acrylamide Price Powder CFR USGC were USD 1300/MT, representing a 3% decrease compared to the previous quarter and a significant 65% decrease compared to the same quarter last year. The Acrylamide market in North America faced challenges due to weak demand, bearish market sentiments, and uncertain business conditions, leading to a notable decrease in prices compared to the previous year.


In the fourth quarter of 2023, the Acrylamide market in the APAC region experienced various factors influencing prices. Demand from downstream industries such as textiles, paper, and pulp remained on the upper side, leading to improved market conditions. However, slower manufacturing rates and the fragility of the economic recovery hindered overall industrial performance. Increased production costs, driven by higher prices of upstream raw materials like Acrylonitrile and Sulphuric Acid, contributed to the challenges faced. In China, significant changes in prices were observed, with an improved demand outlook and slight development in inquiries from domestic and overseas markets. The manufacturing sector saw a rebound in activity, reflected in the official Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index increase. However, factory-gate deflation continued, reflecting ongoing challenges in the economy's recovery from the post-pandemic downturn. Price analysis showed a 13% decrease compared to the same quarter the previous year, a 2% increase compared to the previous quarter, and a 1% price percentage comparison between the first and second half of the quarter. As of December 2023, the prices of Acrylamide FOB Ningbo in China were assessed at USD 1220/MT.

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In the fourth quarter of 2023, the Acrylamide market in Europe demonstrated bearish sentiments, and prices declined throughout this period. In October, prices in Germany fell due to weak demand from industries, and Eurozone manufacturing production also declined, with new orders contracting significantly. Although there was a slight improvement in the manufacturing PMI, it indicated an ongoing decline in the sector. Supply chain operations eased due to weak consumer demand. November saw a further drop in prices in Germany, driven by sustained weak demand from downstream industries. Manufacturing activities continued to decline, despite a marginal improvement in the PMI. The supply chain further eased amid ongoing weak consumer demand. In December, prices in Germany continued to decrease due to persistent subdued demand. Downstream industries maintained weak consumer inquiries, leading to negative market sentiments. High product inventories and destocking activities by consumers were observed. Upstream Phenol prices dropped, and factory gate deflation persisted. Year-end holidays and destocking contributed to reduced industrial activity, with manufacturing companies slowing down or temporarily suspending operations.

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