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Bromine Prices Trend, Monitor, News, Analytics and Forecast | ChemAnalyst

Bromine Prices: During the Quarter Ending December 2023

North America:

In the fourth quarter of 2023, the Bromine market in North America displayed a bearish trend, characterized by low to moderate supply and declining demand in the consumer market. Reduced demand from downstream industries, including flame retardant and intermediate sectors, resulted from oversupply and consumer destocking, prompting manufacturers to scale back production domestically.

The sluggish influx of new orders from overseas consumers further impacted the market. Prices of Bromine remained stable in the US domestic market, with no significant shifts observed in market sentiment, and offered quotations remained unchanged. Imports from Israel and Jordan into the US market also remained stable. The USA saw the most significant price changes, with market sentiments remaining stable, witnessing a marginal increase of USD 2579/MT.

Market trends and seasonality in the USA remained steady, with no correlation in price percentage observed. There was no change in price percentage compared to the same quarter of the previous year, nor was there any change in percentage from the current to the previous quarter. The quarter-ending price of Bromine Bulk CIF Houston in the USA stood at USD 2579/MT.

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The Bromine market in the APAC region during Q4 2023 reflected a bearish sentiment due to weak demand from downstream industries. With moderate supply and low to moderate demand, the overall supply chain encountered no major issues. Inquiries from downstream flame retardant, disinfectant, and pharmaceutical industries decreased during the quarter. Industry experts noted ample material availability in the domestic market to meet current consumer demand.

In China, demand from downstream flame retardant and intermediate industries remained steady, maintaining market stability. High supply led to increased domestic inventories due to higher production outputs. Bromine prices in China saw a slight increase due to heightened consumer demand, supported by ample material availability in the domestic market. The price of Bromine Exw-Shandong in China at the end of Q4 2023 stood at USD 3554/MT. Comparing to the previous year's same quarter, there was a significant decrease in prices by -45%, while the percentage change from the previous quarter was 34%. The price percentage comparison between the first and second half of the quarter in China showed a 7% increase. Overall, anticipation of improved demand from downstream industries hints at potential bullish market sentiment in the future.

Middle East:

The Bromine market in the Middle East Asian region exhibited a mixed performance in the fourth quarter of 2023. Various factors influenced market dynamics and prices during this period. Demand from the downstream flame-retardant industry remained moderate both domestically and overseas. Adequate inventories in the domestic market ensured a stable supply. However, major exporting nations experienced lower production rates due to seasonal factors like the monsoon season, resulting in decreased imports of the product.

In the United Arab Emirates, significant price changes were observed during the quarter, attributed to the initially bearish market situation, which stabilized later in the quarter. Bromine supply in the UAE remained moderate throughout the quarter. Comparing the current quarter to the same period last year, there was a significant price decrease by -48%, while the quarter-on-quarter comparison showed a minimal 1% price change, indicating relative price stability.

In summary, the Bromine market in the MEA region experienced mixed performance in Q4 2023. Steady demand, sufficient inventories, and fluctuations in major exporting nations influenced market dynamics and prices. The latest price of Bromine CIF Jabel Ali in the UAE for the current quarter is USD 2530/MT.

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