Buy Home Furniture Rental For Short & Long Term

Written by Corporate Rentals  »  Updated on: July 09th, 2024

Buy Home Furniture Rental For Short & Long Term

At Corporate Rentals, we understand that furnishing a home isn’t just about filling space—it’s about getting a comfortable, personalized space to meet your lifestyle needs. Whether you are remodeling your home or looking for temporary accommodation, our home furnishings rentals allow you to renovate your neighborhood without buying a new unit. In this blog, we will explore why renting furniture from Corporate Rentals is the best option for you and how our flexible terms can meet your needs.

Advantages of Home Furniture Rental

It is mostly the furniture in a house that makes a living area relatively comfy and welcoming. Nevertheless, it is hard to choose between renting or buying furniture. If you want an affordable and versatile way to fulfill your short-term needs, then renting house furniture might be the best option since it does not involve any long-term contract. Here are some of the major pros to opting for rented home furniture:

Cost-Effective Solution: Renting furniture from Corporate Rentals is more affordable than buying brand-new pieces altogether. You don't have to pay for the initial costs and continuous upkeep of owning high-quality, well-maintained furniture.

Flexibility and Convenience: You can easily adjust to changes in your living situation with our rental options. Our adjustable terms guarantee that you have the right furniture for as long as you need.

Quality and Variety: We offer a wide range of furniture to suit all tastes and preferences. It has styles that range from classic to traditional to modern.

Simple Rental Terms At Corporate Rentals

Your experience will be easy and hassle-free if you understand our rental terms:

1. Minimum Rental Period

We typically require a three-month minimum rental term. It is enough time to get comfortable in your furnished space and take advantage of rental furniture.

2. Adaptable Rental Terms

You can extend the rental by four, six, or more months, depending on your specific life situation and needs. Our flexible terms can accommodate your schedule, whether you plan a short or long-term stay.

3. Options for Rental Extension

Don't hesitate to contact our customer support agents if your schedule changes or you want to keep your rental longer than expected. We provide a range of extensible options to accommodate your changing needs.

4. Delivery and Setup

We guarantee timely and expert delivery, assembly, and positioning of your rented furniture thanks to our skilled delivery team. We want you to have the most comfortable and least stressful setup experience possible.

5. Guarantee of Quality Assurance

Each furniture is checked and sanitized before dispatching for delivery, to ensure our quality and cleanliness standards are met. Be rest assured that your rental furniture will arrive spotless.

Why Choose Corporate Rentals?

Several factors make Corporate Rentals stand out in the furniture rental market.

Flexibility and convenience: One of the main reasons is our flexibility and convenience. Our rental solutions are flexible to meet your unique requirements and schedule. From flexible rental periods, we can tailor them to satisfy your need for furniture for a few months, a year, or more.

Quality Assurance: We achieve unmatched quality and hygiene by thoroughly inspecting and maintaining each piece of furniture in our collection. Our furniture is hand-picked on strength, comfort, and attractive looks, ranging from traditional and classic styles to modern and contemporary designs.

Professional Service: From consultation to delivery and installation, our team of experts oversees everything when you rent furniture with us. You focus on acclimatizing to the new space while we handle the logistics—assembly, transport, and placement.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is the priority at Corporate Rentals. We want to assure you of the following:

Customized Service: Our experienced staff is on hand to assist you with selection, delivery, and set-up arrangements in your rental experience.

Personalized Options Available: You can add more furniture or décor pieces to your room rental package to make it more uniquely yours and to your taste.

Effective Return Procedure: We will organize with you a time that best suits you when the rental period ends. All you have to do is pack your items and we will pick them up.

Get Started with Corporate Rentals Today!

Get your living room up to date in style with Corporate Rentals' trendy but practical furniture. Whether you are renovating at home, furnishing temporarily, or managing a relocation, our rental solutions will always be the most flexible and cost-effective. View our online inventory, request a quote, or give us a call to start your personalized furniture rental experience right now.


Choose Corporate Rentals for your home furniture rental and ease the financial burden of ownership. At Corporate Rentals, we can help you in creating a comfortable and inviting living space. It is possible with our flexible rental terms, a wide range of furniture pieces, and great customer care. Make a house feel like a home with Corporate Rentals.

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