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Calcium Carbonate Prices Trend, Monitor, News, Analytics and Forecast | ChemAnalyst

Calcium Carbonate Prices: During the Quarter Ending December 2023

North America:

In the fourth quarter of 2023, the Calcium Carbonate market in North America maintained moderate supply levels and a stable market situation, largely unaffected by significant changes throughout the quarter. However, the rise in energy prices and destocking activities in the market may influence prices in the future.

Increased US retail sales in September, driven by consumer spending in restaurants and bars amid a tight labor market, could further impact Calcium Carbonate prices. Additionally, impending revisions to dietary guidelines by the US Department of Health and Human Services might affect prices used in the dietary and supplement industry.

Calcium Carbonate prices in the US exhibited stable correlation percentages, with no change from the previous quarter and a -3% change from the same quarter last year. Quarter-on-quarter, there was a -1% comparison between the first and second halves of the quarter. The latest price of Food Grade Calcium Carbonate FOB US Gulf in the US for Q4 2023 stood at USD 727/MT.

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The fourth quarter of 2023 in the APAC region for Calcium Carbonate has been marked by various factors influencing the market and prices. Maintenance shutdowns in several production plants during the festive season led to supply shortages. Despite this, the worldwide net sales of Minerals Technologies Inc., a major Calcium Carbonate supplier, increased by approximately 1% compared to the previous year, indicating ample supply.

In China, significant price declines of 1.4% from the previous quarter were observed, attributed to moderate supply levels and potential escalations in the West-Asia conflict, which could lead to crude oil price hikes. Freight rates may also rise, affecting shipment costs. Compared to the same quarter last year, Calcium Carbonate prices in China decreased by 6%, with a 2% decrease from the previous quarter. These fluctuations could be influenced by factors such as winter storms affecting downstream construction demand and potential freight rate increases. The latest price of Industrial Grade Calcium Carbonate FOB Shanghai in China for Q4 2023 was USD 130/MT.


The fourth quarter of 2023 in Europe saw various factors affecting the pricing of Calcium Carbonate. Decreased demand from the downstream construction industry due to a strong winter storm led to price decreases. However, moderate supply levels persisted, with ample inventory accommodating future winter demand in the construction sector.

OPEC's crude oil supply cut posed a significant energy concern for European industry sectors, further impacting pricing trends. In Belgium, a bullish market situation with moderate supply was observed, influenced by the escalation of the West-Asia conflict and potential crude oil price hikes. Despite these challenges, no plant shutdowns were reported in Europe during the quarter.

Comparing price percentage changes, there was a -14% decrease compared to the same quarter last year and a -2% decrease from the previous quarter of 2023. Factors such as decreased construction industry demand, moderate supply, OPEC's crude oil supply cut, and the West-Asia conflict escalation influenced Calcium Carbonate pricing in Europe. The quarter-ending price of Industrial Grade Calcium Carbonate FOB Antwerp in Belgium was USD 340/MT.

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