January 28th, 2024

Climaveneta: India's Leading Water Chiller Manufacturers

Climaveneta: India's Leading Water Chiller Manufacturers

Climaveneta is one of the top water chiller manufacturers in India. With over 50 years of experience producing high-quality water chillers for HVAC and process cooling applications, Climaveneta is the trusted name among chiller manufacturers in India. Their extensive product range includes air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, scroll chillers, screw chillers, and more. Climaveneta water chillers feature robust construction, energy-efficient operation, and low maintenance requirements. They have three ranges in which their chillers are categorized. Comfort chillers, Data Center chillers, and Process chillers.

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Climaveneta India is a leading manufacturer of water chillers in India. We offer a wide range of chillers that are specifically designed to meet the specific requirements of commercials, pharmaceuticals, industrials, institutional buildings, etc. The best part of our water chillers is their high efficiency. Along with that, our chillers rank high in terms of reliability and sustainability. The technologies that are used in our water chillers as per the requirement of the building are variable speed drivers, integrated heat recovery systems, centrifugal compressors, a variety of refrigerants, etc. Along with providing the highest-quality water chiller in India, we. at Climaveneta India, offer specific warranty service on all of our products whereas a team of experienced engineers and technical assistants are assigned to provide support to you throughout the life of your water chiller.

Climaveneta is the top chiller manufacturer in India. The industries that widely use chillers are, pharmaceuticals, data centers, etc. Water chillers are one of the most common types of chillers. It uses water as a coolant and they can either be water-cooled or air-cooled.

Indoor unit for the production of chilled water, with high efficiency variable speed (Inverter Driven) screw compressors optimized for low compression ratios and specifically designed for near zero GWP HFO R1234ze refrigerant. All the sizes are designed with two completely independent refrigerant circuits, electronic expansion valves, high performing shell and tube condenser and shell and tube hybrid (flooded/falling film) evaporator with low refrigerant charge technology and high heat transfer coefficients, both designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. These advanced solutions allows the unit to achieve high efficiencies with low refrigerant charge.

Hybrid falling film evaporator

By combining brilliant efficiencies and reduced refrigerant charge, the new hybrid falling film evaporator used in i-FX2-W-G04 is at the forefront of green innovation, fully developed and manufactured by MEHITS, it is characterized by:

Top-level approach aligned with the best flooded technologies

Very low pressure drops across all the range thanks to the optimized design

Down to -50% refrigerant charge reduction compared to a traditional flooded evaporator

Application flexibility thanks to its configurability

VSD Screw compressors

VSD screw compressors optimized for water source applications, with integrated frequency converter and Variable Vi technology.

All-round Sustainability

Advanced technologies smartly combined with the green R1234ze HFO:

the perfect match for offering the highest efficiency levels.



4th generation refrigerant HFO 1234ze, with negligible greenhouse effect in comparison with traditional HFC refrigerants (Global Warming Potential GWP of HFO 1234ze < 1, GWP of R134a = 1300 as per IPCC rev. 5th) and zero impact on the ozone layer.


The hybrid flooded/falling film evaporator, designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics and TI Cooling Systems, enables low refrigerant charge and high heat transfer coefficients.


2 completely independent refrigerant circuits each equipped with a VSD screw compressor to ensure a perfect balance of the cooling capacity produced


VSD compressors and kit HWT allow unit to reach condenser high temperature. Standard unit can produce hot water up to 52°C while exploiting HWT kit it is possible to reach condenser water temperature up to 72°C.


Extremely silent operation thanks to the unit's accurate design. Optional integral acoustic enclosure, further reduces the sound level beyond the best on market


Top-level partial load efficiency thanks to technological solutions at the forefront: VSD screw compressors, hybrid flooded/falling film evaporator and advanced control algorithms.


Load sharing, sequencing, active redundancy, priority of resource activation, alarm management, these are only some of the LAN functions that the unit is able to manage when connected to a group of chillers. Besides, the system's stability is ensured even in case of alarm or malfunctioning thanks to the Dynamic Master logic.


Energy savings due to variable pump speed management based on load demand and the variable flow ensures the units also function in critical working conditions.2 independent refrigerant circuits on all sizes to ensure total reliability, very low continuous minimum capacity ratio and easy maintenance.

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