January 25th, 2024

COD MW3 Guide: How to Unlock Forged Camo?

COD MW3 Guide: How to Unlock Forged Camo?

In COD MW3 there are a lot of new camouflages available for players including Forged Camo. These unique camouflages will help players change the look of their firearms easily, so how do we unlock camouflages in MW3? This guide below will give you a detailed description of how to unlock the Forged Camo in COD MW3, including the challenges that need to be completed for each weapon.

How to unlock the Forged Camo in MW3?

The Forged Camo is a unique take on the Platinum-like camo tier and is a testament to a player's dedication and skill with the game's arsenal. In addition to getting help from mw3 camo boosting provided by U4GM, players can also unlock Forged Camo through the following steps:

1. Complete Base Camo Challenges

Each weapon type in MW3 has its own set of base camo challenges. These are the initial tasks you must complete to progress towards the Forged Camo.

2. Master Gilded Camo Challenges

After completing the base challenges, you need to tackle the Gilded Camo challenges. This involves completing all Gilded Camo challenges for each weapon within a specific category, such as assault rifles or submachine guns.

3. Complete Weapon-Specific Forged Challenges

Once you have the Gilded Camos, each weapon has an individual Forged Challenge that must be completed. These challenges are tailored to the weapon's characteristics and may involve tasks like getting a certain number of kills while aiming down sights and strafing or achieving a series of kills without dying.

Here are the Forged Camo challenges that need to be completed with different weapons:


  • SVA 545: 25 Multikills
  • MTZ-556: 10 Kills Move Tac
  • Holger 556: 25 Kills w/ Underbarrel
  • MCW: 3 Kills w/o dying x10
  • DG-58: 10 kills ADS Strafe
  • FR 5.56: 20 One-Burst Kills

Battle Rifle:

  • BAS-B: 10 Multikills
  • Sidewinder: 25 One-shot Kills
  • MTZ-762: 25 Kills ADS Full Load


  • Striker: 3 Kills, 1 Mag x10
  • WSP Swarm: 10 hips affected by tac
  • AMR9: 10 kills after ADS
  • WSP-9: 10 Kills w/ Scope
  • Rival-9: 10 kills after ADS
  • Striker 9: 15 Longshots


  • Lockwood 680: 25 One-shot Kills
  • Haymaker: 3 Hipfire w/ 1 Mag x15
  • Riveter: 25 Multikills


  • Pulemyot 762: 25 Kills w/ Scope
  • DG-58 LSW: 25 Kills w/ ADS Move
  • Holger 26: 25 Kills w/ ADS Move
  • Bruen Mk9: 20 Supres'd Headshot


  • KVO Enforcer: 25 One-shot Kills
  • MCW 6.8: 3 Kills, 1 Mag x15
  • DM56: 25 Kills in Tac
  • MTZ Interceptor: 3 Kills w/o dying x10


  • KATT-ARM: 15 Penetration
  • Longbow: 25 Kills ADS Full Load
  • KV Inhibitor: 25 Headshots


  • COR-45: 15 Kills on Injured
  • Renetti: 25 Longshots
  • TYR: 25 One-shot Kills
  • WSP Stinger: 25 Hipfire & Strafe


  • RGL-80 grenade launcher: 25 Enemy Equipment


  • Gutter Knife: 5 Kills w/out Dying x5
  • Karambit: 20 Kills w/o Damage

Gameplay Tips for Completing Challenges

  • Adjust Your Behavior Settings: Take the time to fine-tune your in-game settings to optimize your performance. This can include sensitivity adjustments and control layouts that suit your playstyle.
  • Stay Mobile: COD games, including MW3, are known for their fast time-to-kill (TTK). Staying mobile and using cover effectively can increase your survivability, allowing you to complete challenges more efficiently.
  • Use Your Equipment: Don't hoard your tactical and lethal equipment. Use them strategically to gain advantages in fights and complete challenges.
  • Utilize the Gunsmith: Customize your weapons in the Gunsmith to suit the challenges you're facing. Attachments can significantly alter a weapon's performance, so choose wisely to complement your playstyle.

Multiplayer Strategies

  • Map Awareness: Keep an eye on your minimap for enemy activity. Knowing enemy positions can help you plan your approach to completing challenges.
  • Choose Your Battles: Engage in fights that favor your weapon and challenge requirements. For example, if you need hip-fire kills, close-quarters engagements will be more beneficial.
  • Team Play: Work with your team to control areas of the map, making it easier to predict enemy movements and secure the necessary kills for your challenges.

Weapon Customization

  • Aftermarket Parts: Take advantage of the Aftermarket Parts feature in the Gunsmith to further customize your weapons. This can provide improved functionality and help you complete challenges more effectively.
  • Attachment Selection: Choose attachments that will help you meet the specific criteria of the Forged Camo challenges. For instance, if you need to get kills while strafing, attachments that improve movement speed while aiming can be beneficial.

By following this guide and utilizing the tips provided, you'll be on your way to unlocking the Forged Camo in COD MW3. Remember, it's a grind, but the reward is a unique camo that showcases your mastery of the game's weapons. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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