Crypto Affiliate Programs | Affiliate Crypto | Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program

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Crypto Affiliate Programs | Affiliate Crypto | Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program

Both the bitcoin affiliate network and the banking sector are going through major changes. The emergence of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and cryptocurrency marketing campaigns is the clearest example of this. A Forbes article from a few years ago anticipated that the bitcoin affiliate network will rise significantly. As was to be expected, new crypto affiliate programs began to appear as institutional money became involved. As a result, the market grew and there were more opportunities to profit from it. Using crypto affiliate programs is one of them. They are now a preferred choice for many traders as they are a great way to get passive money. Thus, in keeping with their widespread renown, we shall be examining eight of the top cryptocurrency affiliate schemes for 2024. Their salient attributes, commission structures, and prerequisites for participation will be emphasized in the review. 

What Is a Crypto Affiliate Program?

It's a type of advertising whereby cryptocurrency exchanges use affiliates or partners to sell their goods and services in the market. Affiliates don't take part in the program directly. In exchange for commissions, they attract new customers by utilizing their well-known brand and marketing resources. Rewards in the bitcoin affiliate network are frequently higher than those in other sectors because of the nature of this industry.

List of the Top 8 Crypto Affiliate Programs in 2024

1. OKX

Program description:

OKX has joined our list of cryptocurrency affiliate programs that provide a wide range of high leverage trading choices. Affiliates can earn up to 50% commission in USDT through the tiered commission structure offered by the OKX affiliate program. 

Benefits for affiliates:

Become a member of OKX's affiliate network to receive exclusive advantages. For example, affiliates get 24/7 assistance from devoted account managers and customer support. Through OKX's messaging tool, you can also interact with your referrals instantaneously and cooperate with sub-affiliates to grow your network. Most importantly, tracking and reporting capabilities allow you to keep an eye on your referral performance in real time.

Participation requirements:

Get your crypto affiliate programs links and codes from the More Affiliates page to take part in OKX's affiliate program. After that, alter them or make new ones as necessary. Next, distribute these links through social media and other avenues to your network. You receive commissions on your referrals' trading fees, which are settled on an hourly basis, when they register with OKX and trade using your link or code. 

2. Bybit

Program description:

One of the best crypto affiliate programs is Bybit, which has an amazing affiliate program. Bybit was founded in 2018 and has been well-known for its sophisticated trading capabilities and user-friendly layout. 

Benefits for affiliates:

The bitcoin affiliate networks offered by Bybit pay referrals a monthly income. Offering commissions of up to 50% and 10% for sub-affiliates makes the platform unique. In addition, affiliates have additional exceptional benefits including prompt payments, entry to international networking events like crypto affiliate programs conferences, and access to private portals. They also benefit from customized account services, which provide assistance and direction at every turn.

Participation requirements

The simple procedure of the Bybit puts it ahead of the competition. The application form may be completed in a matter of minutes. Normally, the application evaluation process takes a full day. You may personalize and distribute your invitation link to your social network once it has been authorized. 

3. KuCoin

Program description:

KuCoin has put a lot of effort into being one of the most well-known exchanges worldwide. Its stellar reputation and sophisticated trading features are demonstrated by the platform's current ranking of #15 on Forbes's list of the Best Global Crypto Affiliate Programs Exchanges.

Benefits for affiliates:

One of its standout features is its crypto affiliate program, which allows users to make up to 45% commissions on referrals and 5% commissions on sub-affiliates. The platform's marketing resources, which improve advertising campaigns and track effectiveness, are another advantage. 

Participation requirements:

You must have a group with more than 500 members or a social media presence with more than 5000 followers in order to be eligible to become an affiliate with KuCoin. You will receive your special affiliate link to begin earning affiliate benefits as soon as you submit the application form on their website and it is accepted. 


Program description:

Ever since its inception in 2013, has prospered in upholding its standing as a dependable trading platform. provides traders with access to hundreds of tradable products on its platform in addition to its many features.

Benefits for affiliates:

A wide range of people are served by the affiliate program. Its affiliates receive commission rates of up to 60% of trading costs from their referrals, which is an exceptional incentive. Furthermore, affiliates can get their incentives through a variety of channels, including crypto affiliate programs, thanks to's flexible distribution systems. In order to help its affiliates measure and report on their success, the platform also provides them with these tools. 

Participation requirements:

You have to register for an account before you can join the affiliate program. After completing that, you create a special referral link to advertise the platform. The affiliate program for is available to all users, regardless of location. 


Program description:

With more than five years of experience in the field, MEXC offers you a special bridge to the world of cryptocurrencies. MEXC extends an invitation to the public to participate in its cryptocurrency affiliate programs, boasting agreements with over 8000 affiliates in over 100 countries. 

Benefits for affiliates:

Affiliates get comprehensive information on the success of their promotions, based on the company's dedication to openness. Additionally, the payout is flexible, with hefty commissions of 50% and an extra 10% for sub-affiliates, and payment in chosen cryptocurrencies. 

Participation requirements:

With MEXC, affiliate marketing is easy to get started. Apply to join by completing the online form. After being accepted, you will have access to marketing materials and a special referral, which you must distribute to your network of affiliates in order to begin receiving commissions. 


According to a business article from Investopedia, cryptocurrency affiliate marketing is a well-liked idea that benefits both the advertising firm and the affiliate. To put it briefly, the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs provide a fantastic chance to make money through carefully planned affiliate marketing on the internet. What you make, though, is dependent on a lot of variables, such as your marketing tactics, the compensation structure of the cryptocurrency affiliate programs, the volume and quality of the referrals you receive, etc. But keep in mind that commissions could be calculated as a percentage of the sale made via your link or as a fixed sum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is an affiliate in crypto?

Ans: An affiliate in crypto is someone who promotes a crypto product or service and earns a commission for each successful referral or sale they generate.

Q2. How to earn commission in cryptocurrency?

Ans: You can earn commission in cryptocurrency by joining affiliate programs offered by crypto companies and promoting their products or services through your unique referral link. When someone uses your link to make a purchase or sign up, you earn a commission in cryptocurrency.

Q3. How to become a Bitcoin affiliate?

Ans: To become a Bitcoin affiliate, you can search for Bitcoin-related companies or platforms that offer affiliate programs. Sign up for their affiliate program, get your unique referral link, and start promoting Bitcoin-related products or services to earn commissions.

Q4. Does have an affiliate program?

Ans: Yes, has an affiliate program. You can join their affiliate program by visiting their website, signing up as an affiliate, and following their guidelines to start promoting their products and earning commissions.

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