EPDM Rubber Prices, Monitor, Analysis & Demand

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EPDM Rubber Prices, Monitor, Analysis & Demand

North America

EPDM Rubber pricing in North America witnessed a significant decline in the current quarter of 2023 (Q4). The major reasons for this decline were the global oversupply of EPDM rubber, the slowdown in the automotive and construction industries in the European Market, which resulted in lowering the demand for the EPDM Rubber.

 The United States experienced the most significant impact on the EPDM Rubber pricing during this quarter, with a decline of 8.75% compared to the previous quarter. Additionally, there was a 7% decline in the prices of EPDM Rubber during the 4th quarter compared to the 3rd Quarter, which can be attributed to the destocking of inventories by manufacturers and traders.

During Dec 2023, USA market witnessed moderate to low demand from the overseas downstream market in the automotive industry and fewer market purchases this quarter. The price of EPDM Rubber Commercial Grade FOB Texas in the USA for Q4 2023 is USD 2154/MT during Dec 2023.


EPDM Rubber prices in the APAC region during the Q4 of 2023 witnessed a decline of 4.84% in Japan. The market witnessed a bearish trend, with moderate to high supply and demand conditions. The overall enquiry for EPDM Rubber remained strong in Japan, where the market value of EPDM Rubber Medium Diene (ENB 4.7-5.4) held steady, despite the continuous drop in crude oil prices impacting global Naphtha costs and subsequently causing a considerable decrease in Ethylene prices.

The quarter saw a decrease in prices from the major exporting countries such as Japan and South Korea due to decreased industrial activities. The impact of a decrease in crude oil prices and imbalance in the demand and supply chain across various suppliers contributed to the price decline.

The EPDM Rubber market witnessed a declining trend due to a decrease in the price of the major feedstock, primarily Ethylene, while Propylene prices remained steady. The current quarter's ending price of EPDM Rubber Medium Diene (ENB 4.7-5.4) FOB Tokyo in Japan is USD 2336/MT.

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The fourth quarter of 2023 saw a bearish market situation for EPDM Rubber in Europe, with moderate supply and demand. The overall enquiry for EPDM Rubber remained high in the market, although the downstream automotive industry in some European countries showed a contrasting trend.

The ongoing decline in crude oil prices and reduced demands from major importing nations played a significant role in the overall price decrease, despite the moderate sales in the automobile industry in fewer European countries like Netherland and France. In Germany the major Automobile market, the reduced sales in the automobile sector due to a subsidy cut by the German government and a downturn in the construction sector contributed to the price decline.

 The overall demand for EPDM Rubber remained sluggish in the Dutch market during the quarter, with unfavourable market situation and moderate supply and demand. As the destocking of inventories started in December, manufacturers and traders focused on clearing out their stocks, even if they had to squeeze their margins. The price of EPDM Rubber High Diene (ENB 7-11) FOB Rotterdam was USD 2986/MT at the end of the quarter. The price trend of EPDM Rubber in the Netherlands showed a 13.14% decrease from the previous quarter.

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