Explore the Taste of Jain Food on Train with RailMitra

Written by RailMitra  »  Updated on: April 23rd, 2024

Explore the Taste of Jain Food on Train with RailMitra

Jain food in Train, Travelling by train is a special experience, however, For people who follow Jain eating principles, finding good food options can be difficult. Jainism is an ancient Indian religion that emphasizes non-violence and purity, and this is reflected in the diet. Due to limited Jain food in train options, Jain passengers often face difficulties in finding their food choices during their journey.

Importance of Understanding Jain Food Preferences

Dietary Restrictions in Jainism

Jain advocates Ahimsa or non-violence, which includes diet. Jain followers avoid eating root vegetables and other foods to minimize damage to living microorganisms.

Jain Food Principles

Jain cuisine focuses on simplicity, purity and adheres to strict vegetarianism. They avoid onions, garlic and other strong-smelling root vegetables, and insist on eating fresh and good ingredients.

Challenges faced by Jains in finding jain food in train

Restriction of Jain food

One of the biggest problems faced by Jains is the lack of availability of Jain food in trains. Most of the food and drinks served on the train often lack Jain options, leaving passengers with no other option.

How to order Jain food in train with RailMitra

Download RailRestro app from Google Play Store or Apple Store or visit RailRestro website

Go to Jain Food option

Get your 10-digit PNR number

Select the station in the train where you want Jain food delivered

Select restaurant from options

Select a special Jain thali from the menu

Apply Jain Food coupons to get discount on your order

Pay cash on delivery or net banking, UPI Choose an online payment option such as wallet, credit or debit card

We will send you a quote and the delivery driver will call you with details

Your food will be delivered Go to your train seat at the station of your choice by sending a contactless message from the RailRestro clerk

Concerns About Food on train Safety and Food Quality

Although Jain food in trains has dining options with RailMitra, travellers may be concerned about the safety and quality of their food on train. Hygiene standards vary, making it difficult to adhere to Jain dietary patterns.

RailMitra is a platform that provides train related services to the needs and needs of Jain passengers by providing the following services It is easy to order Jain food in train while travelling by train.

How RailMitra food on train ensures quality and authenticity

Works with certified vendors

RailMitra maintains partnerships with reputable vendors specialising in Jain cuisine to ensure the food is Jain based on stringent nutritional standards.

Jain food in train options

Passengers can customise their meals according to their preferences by stating any dietary restrictions or preferences they have. This ensures that the food is as good as one needs.

Online food on train booking

RailMitra offers a hassle-free online booking process that allows passengers to easily place orders while sitting at their seats.

Instant Tracking of Orders

Passengers can instantly track the status of orders, providing clarity and peace of mind that food will be delivered on time.

Get train running status updates on time

Importance of knowing the right train running status

RailMitra provides important train related information along with simple food ordering. Knowing train running status allows passengers to plan their meals accordingly and avoid disruptions caused by delays.

Access train running status on RailMitra

Passengers can access updated train running status on RailMitra to ensure they receive alerts throughout their journey.

Great reviews of service and fine dining

The platform has been praised for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and the taste and authenticity of the Jain food in train dishes served at many touring shows have been appreciated.

RailMitra becomes a solution for Jain passengers who want Jain food in train food preferences while travelling by train. RailMitra food on train ensures a healthy lifestyle for passengers following Jain principles by emphasising quality, authenticity and simplicity.

FAQ Related to Jain Food in Train

Q: Can I customise Jain food to my liking?

Ans: Yes, RailMitra allows passengers to customise Jain meals according to their specific needs.

Q: How do I track the status of my food order?

Ans: Passengers can track their food orders instantly via the RailMitra platform or mobile application.

Q: Is the Jain food in train provided by RailMitra authentic and clean?

Ans: Yes, RailMitra works with certified vendors to serve authentic and quality Jain food by maintaining stringent hygiene standards.

Q: Can I order Jain food for a long train journey?

Ans: Of course, RailMitra has Jain food options for short and long train journeys to cater to the needs of Jain passengers on various routes.

Q: Does RailMitra operate on all trains and routes?

Ans: RailMitra services are available on multiple trains and routes, allowing passengers to enjoy the convenience of ordering Jain food irrespective of their travel destination.

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