Free Method to Access MBOX Emails & Attachments to MS Outlook 2021 & 2019

Written by Myrtle  »  Updated on: July 08th, 2024

Free Method to Access MBOX Emails & Attachments to MS Outlook 2021 & 2019

This blog aims to answer the subject of how to read MBOX files on Windows without using an external application. To find out how to finish this task right now, keep reading.

What Information Is Required About MBOX Files?

One popular file type for organizing many emails is MBOX. These are customized text files that use headers to separate and organize plain text emails together. Many email programs, such as Thunderbird, Gmail, Apple Mail, and others, can open MBOX files. If the files are encoded in a certain way, email attachments and their contents can likewise be stored at these addresses.

How can I use Windows to Access MBOX Files?

The email clients mentioned below are specialist applications that can open MBOX files.

  • Installing a free, open-source email program on your computer, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, will allow you to read MBOX files. If it's not already installed, go ahead and install the program.
  • The vast majority of modern operating systems, including but not limited to Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, and Linux, are compatible with it.
  • Launch the application after installation, then choose Tools from the drop-down menu. Click Get Add-Ons after choosing Add-Ons from the drop-down menu.
  • Search the Thunderbird add-on directory for the ImportExportTools Thunderbird add-on and install it.
  • then choose the Local Folders option in Thunderbird and
  • Next, launch Thunderbird and choose the Local Folders tab's Tools menu option.
  • From the ImportExportTools drop-down menu, select "Import MBOX file." Proceed to select the file you want to import into Thunderbird by selecting it and clicking "OK."
  • After they have been properly imported, the emails and folders included in the MBOX file will appear in your Thunderbird folder hierarchy in the usual manner.
  • Other email applications may also be able to open MBOX files, even if some can only operate with their own proprietary formats. Verify if the files can be opened by any of the current apps you are using.

But What Happens if You Don't Have Any Useful Email Programs?

Our observations indicate that a large number of customers lack MBOX-compatible apps. Still, they need access to MBOX files for an array of private and work-related needs. To open MBOX emails on a PC, computer, or hard drive, just convert MBOX to PST.

How Should One Respond in This Situation?

An all-around reliable, secure, and safe third-party solution is what's needed. It is highly recommended that you download and install the Softaken MBOX to PST Converter from our website as a consequence. This application could enable you to open MBOX files without the need for any other software. Installing the free software will allow you to view & open MBOX files, with attachments to Outlook 2021 & 2019. The apparatus possesses. There are a ton of innovative features in this tool. It also merely takes a few clicks to open MBOX files.

Working Procedures for MBOX File Opening

  • Simply download the program to your Windows PC.

  • Install and operate this program correctly. Next, choose Files/FFolders, click Open, and choose MBOX files or email data files.
  • After browsing the folder on your computer containing MBOX files, click Select Folder.

  • These will load from the application's left side. Click on it to view the complete message, including data characteristics.
  • I'm finished now. If you follow the easy instructions in the above explanation, you can access an endless number of MBOX files on Windows without the need for any extra software.
  • Best wishes. The issue of how to use Windows to access MBOX files has been resolved.

Take a Look at the Amazing Features of The Program

  • Whole MBOX File Conversion: When utilizing our application, users can examine all header data without any interruptions, including the subject, date and time, to and from, and attachments.
  • Two Methods for Adding MBOX Files: When using this program to load MBOX files or folders, you have two options. Using this to access your MBOX files or a whole folder should not cause any problems. When it comes to solving the issue of opening MBOX files, this utility is the best choice.
  • Preserve the header data and MBOX folder hierarchy: All MBOX files will be correctly extracted thanks to the Softaken MBOX to PST Converter, which makes sure that no metadata—including Subject, To, Cc, Bcc, From, or Message body—is altered. Additionally, it keeps the information accurate. The integrity of every email attribute in MBOX documents is maintained during the conversion process.
  • Move Specific MBOX Emails: You can confirm that the MBOX file transfer to mail servers or file formats is happening correctly before starting the conversion procedure. Users can preview any MBOX message uploaded to the MBOX to PST Converter toolbox. This wonderful preview feature allows users to ensure that MBOX data is exported correctly.
  • Compatibility of Windows: As everyone knows, a variety of email clients can create MBOX files. The tool supports all of them. Windows users can open MBOX files with any email software that creates them.

Last Remarks

In the blog post above, we have details on how to view MBOX files on Windows. You can execute it yourself if you have an app that works with MBOX. The recommended app is available for usage, but if you're among those who want unfettered access to open MBOX files without the requirement for a supporting application, this tool is helpful as it provides limitless and unrestricted access to open MBOX files.

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