Galileo Global Distribution System

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Galileo Global Distribution System

What is Galileo Global Distribution System?

Galileo is a Global Distribution System (GDS), also known as a CRS (Computer Reservation System) in the travel industry. It is owned by Travelport and is part of the entire portfolio, which includes the Apollo and Worldspan systems. The Galileo GDS allows you to book hotel rooms, airline tickets, rail tickets, cruises, and car rentals.

The primary advantage of the Galileo GDS system for hotel owners is the ability to distribute hotel rooms to travel agencies and clients on a global scale. Galileo has 600,000 hotels/properties worldwide. It offers affordable rates in real-time on your online travel booking platform and apps. Thus, travel agencies can easily book hotel rooms for customers.

Galileo assists car rental companies in making their fleets and services available globally via Travelport developers for integration into their own travel APIs, applications, and websites. Travelport enables the global travel market by linking buyers and sellers through an agency, online, and corporate travel channels.

The Galileo Global Distribution System is now widely used in:

• Flight Booking System

• Hotel Booking System

• Car Rental Booking System

• Cruise Booking System

• Holiday Packaging System

• B2B Online Booking Engine

• B2C Online Booking System

• Corporate Booking Module

• Single or Multiple interfaces

Importance of Galileo Global Distribution System for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators.

Travelopro is a leading Travel Technology Company that offers global distribution systems (GDS) and integrates the Galileo GDS API into a travel booking website. Integration of Galileo GDS Systems will assist you in lowering the company's operating costs by decreasing workload and enhancing productivity.

We provide B2B, B2C, and B2B2C booking engines and the ability to integrate multiple inventory suppliers into a single booking engine for hotels, flights, packages, excursions, car rentals, transfers, and buses. This GDS simplifies your easier for you with its customer management, back-end system, business rules, access to third-party systems, and CRM.

Our Galileo integration services will meet all of your requirements. Our Galileo Travel Software provides you access to live inventory, cancellation options, and many payment channels, allowing you to make your website a one-stop shop for all of your customer's hotel needs. Our advanced technology solutions maximize the demands of travel agents.

The booking tool simplifies business consolidation and is more suited to client demands. Galileo Reservation System has the most advanced travel domain. It is a powerful software that delivers topline services with GDS integrations.

Travelopro integrates global distribution systems, like Galileo GDS to travel agents all around the globe. It serves travel agencies, tour operators, hotel providers, etc. Galileo API is one of the most effective GDS solutions.

Galileo GDS system commands lead positions in airline reservation software and are connected to practically all the leading airlines. Galileo provides solutions to travel agencies by offering desktop solutions (search & book) and web services XML to connect to the core database.

How can Galileo XML API Integration help Travel Management Companies?

Galileo API helps travel portals to attract the top service providers to promote their efficient portal services, resulting in significant traffic to the website. Galileo's Flight API Integration will enable you to connect with all major airlines.

When it comes to Galileo XML API Integration, we ensure that you receive one of the most trusted and reliable online flight booking systems to automate airline, hotel, and vacation booking for your users.

Furthermore, while integrating Galileo, an automated central reservation system, into a travel portal, our developer ensures that all of our clients benefit from the worldwide reach and a user-friendly booking system. Galileo Global Distribution System processes the highest number of transactions on a day-to-day basis. Galileo has become the world-leading GDS system and travel content aggregator.

A fully functional Galileo travel system/Galileo software consists of the Galileo travel reservation system for air booking, Galileo hotel booking, travel packages, Galileo bus booking, Galileo rail booking, Galileo cruise booking, insurance, and the Galileo CRS system. Galileo XML API Integration facilitates the integration of all services in one location, allowing travelers to discover the best deals available globally.

Galileo GDS provides access to a wide range of content and capabilities via web services APIs and desktop applications. It is intended to complement your existing API solutions for rapid and low-risk implementation.

The integration will increase your revenues, operational efficiency, and productivity. It will help you develop and capture new market opportunities in real-time while lowering your operating costs.

The Galileo XML API integration consolidates worldwide travel data from several providers into a single platform. It assists visitors in locating the best discounts on all aspects of travel. It covers booking flights, cruises, hotel rooms, rails, and rental vehicles all around the globe.

Benefits of Galileo Global Distribution System

• Maximum buyer outreach

• Increase in the revenue and efficiency

• Increased productivity

• Lowering operating cost

• Real-time access to inventory and contents

• Sales enhancement

• Customized solution

• Can be integrated into any central reservation system or travel CMS

• Can provide individual identity to travel agents.

Are you looking for a fully-featured Travel Booking System?

By designing and developing a flexible travel booking system, Travelopro can assist you in transforming your independent business into a global travel brand. We have been in the industry for many years and have developed multiple travel portals and online hotel booking systems for well-known DMC clients. We offer a full range of GDS software development services.

Galileo is a globally recognized system that helps travel agencies, companies, and suppliers enhance their efficiency and revenue. Galileo is an excellent travel solution for increasing visibility and distribution among global travellers.

At Travelopro, we offer the best GDS integration services, which has resulted in a high level of satisfaction for many clients in the travel industry. With our years of experience, we can analyse your business's specific requirements.

Our GDS integration solution offers an effective platform for travel agents to manage their reservations. We can add features like price comparison tools, dynamic pricing engines, trip packages, transfer management, insurance choices, and mobile ticketing to your Travel Booking software.

We have expertise in XML API Integration solutions, which include all types of XML/JSON integration from various XML API Suppliers. Our online travel portals provide access to agents and agencies, travel content mapping, central booking management dashboards, and commissions management.

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