GDS Reservation Software

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GDS Reservation Software

A global distribution system (GDS) is a computerized network that is used to improve the booking of travel services, such as airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, and other travel-related services. These systems are typically used by travel agents and other travel industry professionals to connect a wide range of travel options and make bookings on behalf of their customers.

GDS is different from a computer reservations system, which is a reservation system used by the service providers (also known as vendors). Primary clients of GDS are travel agents (both online and office-based) who make reservations on different reservation systems run by the vendors.

How GDS Reservation Software Works?

Travelopro is a leading GDS Reservation Software Company. We provide customized white-label travel portal solutions and website development services in response to changing market demand and customer requirements. We excel in portal design and development, integration of different GDSs' XML, APIs, and deployment to customers' domains, as well as technical and client support.

We understand travel agents' needs and priorities, and we collaborate with the GDS provider's technical team to provide end-to-end solutions. We integrate the GDS API with your portal to allow for an entire search with fares and online ticket booking. Travelopro gives you access to well-known Global Distribution Systems (GDS) like Amadeus API, Galileo API, and Travelport API. We help you to attach hundreds of travel agents and millions of potential clients universally.

How GDS Reservation Software Functions in The Travel Industry?

As a successful travel portal development company, Travelopro offers the best GDS Reservation Software development services for the travel sector. To give excellent services to our clients, we create a network with GDS suppliers: Amadeus API, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, and Travelport.

We understand that excellence is the only key to success for business in a competitive industry. Our GDS Reservation software provides that excellence for our B2B and B2C clients. Till now, we have benefited from different online travel agencies and travel companies, etc.

We empower our guests to allow different flights, hotel car rentals, and holiday package booking on their booking engine. At Travelopro, we give a platform to book different travel services from major GDSs in the world. Using API integration, our guests can market travel products of GDS Airlines, hotels, Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs), etc. The Global Distribution System is the best tool for travel companies to market their business to the universal market.

Importance of GDS Reservation Software for Travel Agency and Tour Operators

Travel agents or agencies use the GDS reservation software to search for the best travel and hotel accommodation options. The global distribution system permits travel companies to offer their clients an end-to-end number of attractive travel solutions and relevant data at affordable prices.

The Global Distribution System is a tool for travel agents that implements transactions between travel service providers and travel agencies. GDS mainly uses a real-time inventory to give services. Travel Agencies traditionally relied on GDS for services, products, and rates to offer travel-related services to end-users. A GDS connects bookings, rates, and consolidating services and products across all the travel sectors. It is also responsible for the gain of the travel sector.

What are the major GDS software’s?

There are different major global distribution systems that house and process the vast majority of data from hotels, airlines, and other distributors. These involve Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, Apollo, and Pegasus.

However, there are many technology providers that support hotels tap into these GDS’s and by extension the thousands of travel agents and travellers across the world.

• Amadeus GDS

• Sabre GDS

• Travelport GDS

• Galileo GDS

• Worldspan GDS

• Apollo GDS

• Abacus GDS

• Pegasus GDS

How important is GDS to travel agents?

• Travel agents or agencies use the GDS system to search for the best option in terms of travel, hotel accommodations.

• GDS system also supports the travel websites like, Trip Advisor, etc.

• GDS provides important features like Airfare searches, availability, connectivity, policies, etc.

• Travel agents/agencies now use more sophisticated GDS systems to search for the best available option be it an airline or hotel reservations.

• With the help of the GDS system, travel agents/ agencies can complete their search and book within minutes.

Why Choose Travelopro for GDS Travel Software Development?

Global Distribution System (GDS) service gives real-time accessibility and booking of travel services such as flights, hotels, rental cars, and activities to travel agents and online travel companies.

We are a dynamic group of professionals with fast thinking. The first global consolidation of aviation. We trust in promoting a culture that promotes technological innovation, various expressions and creativity.

We collaborate with our guests to increase new ideas and get the finest results possible. We’re dedicated to helping our clients improve end-traveller engagement and create new, superior travel experiences. Travelopro provides a white-label solution with suppliers from many countries and airfare listings from over many airlines. Web API services pre-integrated booking engines and a B2B travel portal.

How do you Integrate GDS into your Travel Website?

Every travel agent accesses all the travel industry information efficiently and efficiently. However, integrating a GDS system into your travel website can be costly as well as time-consuming. Different travel agents do not have the budget and time to invest in installing and understanding the GDS.

The easy and most cost-effective method is to hire a SaaS platform like Travelopro to integrate a GDS system into your current website or else create your complete online trip with their travel tech expertise. This is the first way to integrate a GDS system. As such, cloud-based companies have expert GDS professionals and engineers to maintain all the tech hassle.

Other options to integrate a GDS system into your travel website is hiring a full-time travel tech consultant on a contract basis to integrate the GDS system into your website and training your staff and you to operate it. In that way, the integration will be a one-time cost, but on the other hand, you will have to have an active back-end tech team to help with any problems or doubts that may arise.

Travelopro can integrate GDS for Multiple Services such as:

• Flight booking software

• Hotel booking software

• Car-rental booking software

• Sightseeing booking software

• Transfers booking software

• Cruise booking software

Features of the GDS Software

• GDS ensures more booking and allocation of tickets.

• Maintenance of sales records in terms of hotel or airline booking.

• GDS is responsible for allocating real-time data related to the travel industry.

• Keeps a record of what the customer is looking for.

• Helps in maintaining strong administrative control for travel companies.

What Are the Benefits of Using GDS software?

• Effective in attracting international travelers

• 24/7 access to inventory

• Enables business models such as retail travel agency and OTA (Online Travel Agency)

• Offer consumers increased pricing transparency

• Travel agents can get a global platform with a strong market penetration

• Provide best rates to your customers which no other system can provide

• Place travel services to many clients without affecting your marketing budget

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