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Halal Food in Perth: 14 Cafes & Restaurants For Muslim Travelers

Halal Food in Perth: 14 Cafes & Restaurants For Muslim Travelers

Perth is the main city of Western Australia. Although it might not often be the first place that tourists from Australia consider, you would love it for its distinct fusion of cuisine, culture, and breathtaking scenery. Perth is a stress-free city that you should visit at least once in your life besides booking group Umrah packages because it has a lot of hidden jewels. Perth should be on your trip schedule for many reasons, and we're going to take you on a delectable culinary tour of the city's halal cuisine.

 Is halal cuisine readily available in Australia?

Australia is a great destination for halal food enthusiasts, and Perth is no exception with thousands of Muslims making up about 2.4% population of the city. It's well-known for its kind demeanor towards Muslim tourists and wide selection of halal cuisine. The diversity of halal cuisine in Perth is reflected in its abundance. It has a wide variety of dining options, from quaint restaurants to busy food markets.

How can you identify if something in Australia is halal-certified?

Before indulging in Perth's delectable halal cuisine, it's critical to understand how to identify an authentic halal permit in Australia.

1. Find out the Halal symbol:

Restaurants and goods with the official halal certification will display a unique halal mark. Trusted certifying agencies frequently display the "Halal Certified" emblem in Australia. Some of the Halal products you find in Coles or Woolworths may have come from other nations, including Malaysia, Indonesia, or Korea. Just make sure to inspect the products before you buy them, and you should be good. Verify the certification body and the certificate:

2. Check the certifying body's name and details

Check the official certificate exhibited in their establishment for the name and information of the certifying agency. There are several Halal Organizations in Australia that are authorized to provide Halal certificates, so don't be alarmed if the certificate appears differently at various eateries. Many organizations can certify a restaurant, among which include the Western Australia Halal Authority (WAHA) and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC).

3. Identify and ask the staff:

Never be afraid to strike up a conversation with the restaurant personnel. Even though a location lacks an official halal certification, it may nevertheless serve halal food or use chicken that has received the certification. They may be Muslim-owned businesses or obtain their materials from halal sources.

14 Perth Cafes & Restaurants to Check Out

After discovering Perth's charm, it's time to explore the varied halal cuisine scene in the city! Let's explore halal options in Perth.

1. Satay On Charcoal

If you enjoy authentic and delicious Malaysian cuisine, you must try Satay on Charcoal whilst in Perth. There are many various types of dishes to pick from here for everyone, regardless of their eating preferences. Furthermore, the rates are feasible, the service is exceptional, and the halal food is amazing!

2. All Night Pizza Cafe

Every bite of their pizza dough is delightful because it has the ideal ratio of crispy to fluffy. The best part is that you can customize your toppings and they'll always be happy to listen to your choices. It has crunchy and plentiful chips, and the beef is delicious. Bravo to the amiable proprietor — this location earns a well-earned 100/100.

3. Zam Zam Cafe

The welcoming manager and delectable menu of Zam Zam Cafe are well-known. It has dishes like the Snappy chicken burger and Mighty BBQ Mushroom, which are paired with tiny fries and Heart beet beverages. Customers have complimented the well-seasoned saltiness of the chips and the amazing flavors of the burgers, which are all presented on wooden plates for a lovely presentation. A distinctive twist is added by the Heart Beet beverages, which combine beetroot and healthful veggies with apple and lime.

4. Chicken Rice Corner

For fans of Asian-style chicken rice, there's a little gem called Chicken Rice Corner. The amazing value of their happy hour special, which runs from 3 to 4 pm, is what makes them truly distinctive. For just, you can have two meals. Their real Hainanese chicken rice is my personal favorite; it's served in a substantial serving. This place is ideal for a quick dinner because of its reasonable costs and prompt service.

5. Makan Makan Cafe

A real find for fans of Malaysian food is Makan2 Cafe because you can pick up your favorite dishes. The service is really polite, and the food is definitely wonderful. Besides, they served a variety of Malay sweets, which can be a welcome surprise.

6. Charcoal Chicken Express

The meal at Charcoal Chicken is delicious and the personnel are very amiable and genuinely committed to providing great service. The food and beverages on the menu, though, are the true attraction; they are all excellent. I went for supper and was really pleased with the excellent service. It is strongly suggested to eat the ribs with a sauce that is spicy if you get the chance; it was quite good.

7. Kaili’s Fishmarket

Kaili's place consistently serves excellent fish and chips that never let you down. For those seeking great and genuine fish and chips in Perth, Kaili's Fish & Chips is a must-visit location. It is famous for its perfectly cooked, golden-brown chips topped with fresh, delicious fish. With a selection of well-prepared fish selections like cod, calamari, and salmon, the menu is straightforward but effective. The pricing is fair and the portions are substantial.

8. 2 Fat Indians

2 Fat Indians has pleasant service and excellent meals. When you place an order, they provide you with genuine flavors together with a considerate touch by letting you know how spicy each dish is. For a lot of people, the butter chicken is the highlight. Despite having a halal certification, it's important to note that alcohol is served on the premises, so patrons should be aware of their preferences.

9. Batavia Corner

Genuine Indonesian food is served well at Batavia Corner. The courteous and kind staff makes the dining experience cozy. This is the best place to go if you're an Indonesian living in Perth and you're missing the taste of real Indonesian food. Another benefit is their affordable prices; you can get Indonesian chili sauces, native herbs, and snacks there as well. Additionally, Batavia Corner is certified as a "Halal certificate," meaning that Muslim guests can feel comfortable dining there.

10. Cairo Cafe

Their selection of vegan and veggie dishes, which accommodate customers with dairy allergies, is very enticing. Besides being tasty, the food is fresh and beautifully prepared. A wonderful dining experience is enhanced by the Cairo Café staff's friendly and kind mannerisms, as well as their remarkable attention to hygiene

11. Chakra Restaurant

Among Perth's top Indian eateries, Chakra Restaurant stands out. There is a large selection of classic main courses and delectable desserts on the menu. For those who would like to eat outside or take their meal to go, they also have excellent takeout service. Every dish is expertly prepared and brimming with flavor.

12. Sedap Place

They are also renowned for encouraging Australians to adopt a Malaysian diet, complete with spice, instead of tailoring their meals to the tastes of Australians! Of course, you can still ask for the least spicy version if necessary. As the restaurant gets busy rapidly, it's best to reserve a table in advance or arrive early.

13. Insan’s Cafe

This little eatery is on Murray Street, directly across from the Royal Perth Hospital. If you're heading toward Elizabeth Quay, you'll see it. You can order soupy meals before Briyani and Nasi Padang.

14. Bunga Raya Satay House

Located in the center of Merimbula, Bunga Raya Satay House is tucked away in a retail arcade and offers delicious Asian food that is well worth a visit. The dinner experience is excellent because of the friendly ambiance. Besides, the personnel make sure everything is perfect, and the service is excellent. This is a location you simply must visit if you enjoy Asian food.


There you have it: 14 Muslim-friendly and halal-certified places to visit in Perth! It's actually much easier to find good halal food in this city than most of us think. Perth is a friendly city with delicious meals for all, offering a diverse range of cuisines. Book your Cheap December Umrah packages to visit Saudi Arabia where you can find 100% halal food.

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