How Do I Manage My Thai Airways Booking?

Written by Airways Manage Booking  »  Updated on: July 07th, 2024

How Do I Manage My Thai Airways Booking?

Thai Airways offers a few easy options for managing existing flight bookings. Once you have booked your flight, there are likely some details about your reservation and itinerary that you will want to review, update, or otherwise manage leading up to your departure date. The airline's website features a user-friendly Thai Airways Manage Booking system that allows travelers to access their reservation, change or upgrade seats, add special services, update passenger details, and more. With just your booking reference, last name, and departure airport handy, you can log into your booking in just a few quick clicks or taps and take care of any necessary tasks to get ready for your trip on Thai Airways.

Checking In Online

One of the most common booking management tasks is online check-in. Most major airlines, including Thai Airways, allow passengers to check in electronically from 24 hours up until 90 minutes before scheduled departure time. Checking in online provides the benefit of selecting your preferred seat and having your boarding pass ready before you arrive at the airport.

To check in online with Thai Airways, you will visit their website or mobile app and enter your booking reference and last name. After reviewing your reservation details, you can choose seat assignments for your party if available and print or download mobile boarding passes. As long as you have checked in successfully before the check-in deadline, you can proceed directly to airport security when you arrive.

Updating Passenger Information

Sometimes after booking a flight, your travel plans may change regarding who is coming with you or other passenger details. Thai Airways allows you to add additional passengers to existing bookings for an extra fee. You can also modify passenger details such as legal names, nationality, and passport details if anything has changed since the time of booking.

Be sure passenger names match what is printed on the travel documents that will be used to travel in order to avoid issues at check-in and security. You can update passenger information on Thai's website or mobile apps or by contacting their customer service center.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my flight dates or times?

Thai Airways allows date/time changes for a fee depending on the ticket type. You will need to call their customer service center or visit a local Thai Airways office to make the change request and pay any difference in airfare. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Can I cancel my Thai Airways flight?

Most Thai Airways tickets allow cancellations, though cancellation policies and fees vary greatly depending on the ticket terms. Refund eligibility also depends on whether you purchased a refundable fare and when you cancel relative to the travel date. Contact customer service for assistance.

What about adding baggage allowance or upgrading my seat?

You can purchase additional checked baggage allowance ahead of time via Thai's website/app or usually even at airport check-in. Seat selection and upgrades to premium cabins can be requested via the online portal as well, subject to availability. Applicable fees apply.

How do I apply miles to an existing booking?

If you want to redeem miles for a flight you have already booked, call Thai's customer service center to make the request. As long as upgrade space is available and you have sufficient miles, agents can help replace paid tickets with award tickets. Taxes/fees for the booking will need to be repaid.

When can I check-in online with Thai Airways?

Thai Airways typically allows online check-in 24 hours prior to departure. Passengers can check in via the airline's website or mobile app, selecting seats and obtaining boarding passes. However, specific check-in times may vary, so it's advisable to confirm the exact window for online check-in based on your departure time and route.

How to find THAI booking reference number?

To locate your Thai Airways booking reference number, check your booking confirmation email or ticket. It's typically a six-digit alphanumeric code provided by the airline. Alternatively, log in to the Thai Airways website or contact their customer service. The reference number is essential for managing your reservation or accessing flight details.

Does Thai Airways have self check-in?

Yes, Thai Airways offers self-check-in services. Passengers can conveniently check in online or at self-service kiosks at the airport. This allows for a smoother and faster check-in process, enhancing overall travel experience.

Can you check-in on Thai Airways app?

Yes,To check in on the Thai Airways app, open the app and tap on the 'Check-in' button. Enter your booking reference or ticket number and passenger details. Confirm your flight details, select your seat if desired, and check any baggage you will be bringing.

In summary, Thai Airways aims to provide passengers with a smooth and convenient booking experience from ticketing all the way through your travels. Take advantage of online and mobile tools for managing flight details or contact customer service if you require personal assistance. Understanding policies around changes, cancellations, baggage, seating and more will ensure your reservation fits your needs.

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