How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost in the UK? Calculate Your Price Now

Written by David Jone  »  Updated on: June 03rd, 2024

How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost in the UK? Calculate Your Price Now

Are your home windows antique and draughty? Replacing them could make your property look better and experience more snugness. But how much do new home windows cost? It relies upon things just like the size, fashion, and substances. Here's an easy guide to alternative window prices within the UK.

Average Replacement Window Costs UK

The common value to replace home windows in a three-bed residence is £4,000 to £7,000. But costs may be anywhere from £300 for a small constant window to over £2,500 for a big bay window.

Here are a few regular expenses for exclusive window types:

  • Casement window: £450 - £600
  • Sash window: £600 - £900
  • Tilt & turn window: £450 - £six hundred
  • Bay window: £1,000 - £2,500+

The frame cloth makes a huge difference too:

  • uPVC home windows: £three hundred - £600
  • Aluminium windows: £600 - £1,000
  • Timber home windows: £800 - £1,two hundred
  • Composite home windows: £900 - £1,200

uPVC is the cheapest option. Timber and composite frames cost extra however look very fine. Aluminium is powerful and modern-day however expenses are greater than uPVC.

Replacement Window Cost Calculator

Want to recognise exactly how plenty your new home windows will feel? Use our replacement windows cost calculator uk! Just installed a few information about your property and the home windows you need. You'll get an instant fee estimate. It's absolutely loose to use.

Window Cost Calculator

We are Double Glazing on the Web. We've been becoming windows across the UK for 15 years. By getting a quote from us, you can make certain you're getting proper home windows at an honest fee.

What Affects the Cost of New Windows?

The overall fee of your new windows relies upon on a few key matters:

  1. Window length - Bigger windows cost more than smaller ones.
  2. Window style - Different patterns like casement, sash or bay have exclusive expenses.
  3. Frame fabric - uPVC is cheapest, then aluminium, then wood and composite.
  4. Glazing - Double glazing is fashionable. Triple glazing expenses more but is even better at insulating.
  5. Extras - Things like ornamental glass, blinds or fancy handles are extra.

Your window installer allows you to choose the quality alternatives for your price range. Always get a full quote so you realise precisely what is blanketed in the rate.

Other Costs to Think About

As properly as the home windows, there are some other costs to price range for:

  • Installation - Usually expenses £150 - £300 per window. Often protected inside the rate.
  • Scaffolding - Needed for upstairs home windows. Costs £300 - £900 to hire.
  • Waste disposal - Getting rid of your old home windows. Sometimes an additional charge.
  • Finishing touches - Painting, plastering or tiling after the brand new windows are in. Budget £a hundred - £200 according to room.

Most houses don't need planning permission for alternative home windows. But take a look together with your local council in case you stay in a listed constructing or conservation region. There might be extra rules and fees.

How Much to Replace Windows in Different Homes?

The length and sort of assets influences the overall value. Here's what you may expect to pay for common homes:

  • Flat - £1,500 to £three,000
  • Terraced residence - £3,000 to £five,000
  • Semi-indifferent - £4,500 to £7,500
  • Detached residence - £6,000 to £10,000+

Remember, every home is one of a kind. Use our window price calculator for a fee based on your actual needs.

Tips for Saving Money on Replacement Windows

New windows are a big investment. But there are ways to maintain prices down:

  • Go for uPVC frames. They're cheapest but still work nicely.
  • Stick to standard window sizes. Custom sizes value loads more.
  • Keep the equal window fashion. Changing styles is pricier.
  • Get some unique rates. Compare fees to locate the fine deal.
  • Try to haggle on charge. Some companies will match less expensive rates.
  • Replace home windows in the low season. You might get a discount in iciness or spring.

Follow those tips to reduce the price of your new home windows with the aid of 10-30%. But don't go for the very cheapest quote. Make sure you still get excellent results!

Window Replacement Financing Options

Need assistance spreading the cost of your new home windows? You've were given a few options:

  • Many window companies provide finance plans. Some have zero% interest for a while.
  • You ought to get a private mortgage from the bank. Interest fees are normally decreased than credit score cards.
  • Paying by means of credit score card is reachable. But try and pay it off quickly to avoid excessive hobbies.
  • Remortgaging your property might help you borrow cash for windows. But get advice first.
  • For over 55s with a number of fairness, an entire life mortgage could fund new windows. But get professional advice as they can be high-priced.
  • Think cautiously before taking over any debt. Get professional economic recommendations that will help you decide.


The fee of substitute home windows varies plenty. Things like size, style and frame materials all make a distinction. Most people spend between £4k and £7k to replace all the home windows in a 3-bed house. UPVC casement windows are commonly the most inexpensive option.

Want to discover exactly how a great deal your home windows will value? Our on-line calculator makes it smooth. Just faucet in some info and get an immediate quote. It's loose and there may be no obligation.

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