How to Change Name on Allegiant Flight

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How to Change Name on Allegiant Flight

If you booked an itinerary with a misspelled name and you now want to fix it before the flight departure time because your surname changed after marriage. Travelers can proceed with changing the name on their ticket with Allegiant Air by phone, Manage Booking, or in person at the airport assistance desk. Every client needs to be aware of the specifics of all three approaches. If not, review the information below, which outlines a step-by-step procedure.

Change Name on Allegiant Air by Phone

We recommend that travelers first contact the airline's help desk agent to make the necessary corrections to their name when they realize that the name listed on their reservation is spelled incorrectly and needs to be corrected. Speak with a customer service representative regarding the Allegiant name change request. The last name listed on the itinerary and the booking confirmation code will be inquired about by the agent. After making the necessary updates, they will email the payment link to the specified email address. The airline will provide the updated confirmation code once the payment has been completed.

Change Name on Allegiant Air by Managing Booking

If you have accidentally entered the wrong name, you have a 24-hour grace period during which you can make the necessary changes for free. Although the customer is exempt from paying the applicable fees, you should be aware of the exact procedure for making the necessary edits through the Manage Booking portal.

  • First, travelers must visit, the official Allegiant Airlines website.
  • After that, navigate the website and select the Manage Booking tab from the menu bar.
  • The last name listed on the itinerary and the booking confirmation code must now be entered.
  • Please select one of the options. The screen will display the complete booking details along with the change or cancel tab.
  • Once the necessary updates have been made, you should pay the remaining amount.
  • The customer will receive a new confirmation code and a valid email address after payment is received.

Change the name on your Allegiant ticket at the airport terminal:

Let's say the client decides at the last minute to move through with the Allegiant name change. You can also go to the help desk at the nearby Airport office and ask the representative to make the necessary updates. Travelers should bring the necessary paperwork, such as a legitimate government ID that serves as proof of name correction. The airline is expected to send the updated confirmation code to the correct email address when the itinerary is updated.

Allegiant Air Name Change Policy:

Let's say you're curious about whether Allegiant permits name changes for passengers. Therefore, passengers may make the required changes, such as changing their destination, travel date, and name correction, in accordance with Allegiant Air's name change policy. Passengers may, however, only alter their name in the event of a marriage, divorce, or other circumstance with the approval of official documentation. Below are explanations for a few of the key points.

  • The first, last, or middle name listed on the itinerary may have up to three or four characters misspelled. Passengers may fix these errors.
  • The airline does not charge a change fee if the customer makes the required changes within 24 hours of making the purchase and the departure is seven days away.
  • Only in cases where a passenger's name legally changes due to marriage or divorce is the passenger permitted to change their last name.
  • Up to one hour prior to the planned departure time, customers who have purchased the business class or flex trip option can make changes to the itinerary.
  • If the name on the itinerary needs to be changed, the customer must first cancel the original reservation before making a new one.
  • Passengers are not allowed to transfer their tickets to another person or change their name in its entirety on airlines.
  • If, after 24 hours of booking, the passenger decides to change the existing reservation, you will be responsible for paying the appropriate fee, which includes the difference in fare.
  • Travelers can modify their current reservations by calling, using the Manage Booking app.

Allegiant Air Official Website Name

  • Go to, the service provider's official website.
  • Now locate and click the "Manage Travel" button on the homepage.
  • In order to proceed, enter the visitor's last name and unique booking number now.
  • Select the booking for which name corrections are needed from the list of reservations.
  • Make the required changes to the name, then send in the request.
  • Finally, you will receive updates from Allegiant Airlines via mail or SMS.

How Can I Use an Offline Method To Change My Name On An Allegiant Ticket?

If a passenger is unable to make any changes or corrections using the online method, they can use the airline's offline process. There are two offline methods that the airline provides for customers to amend or change their name. Therefore, to learn more in-depth, follow the steps listed below:

  • Through Customer Service
  • Go to the airline's official website first.
  • Next, select the "Contact Us" tab.
  • Click on the airline's toll-free number after that.
  • Pay close attention to the IVR menu in order to speak with a customer support agent.
  • Inform the agent of your question.
  • After making the necessary adjustments, the representative will ask for your approval.
  • Verify the modifications by paying if necessary.
  • You will eventually receive a confirmation that your registered email address has been changed.


Q 1. Can I change my name on Allegiant flights online?

Yes, Allegiant provides an online platform for passengers to change their names.

Q 2. What documents are required for a name change?

Necessary documents include a government-issued ID, marriage certificate, or legal documentation supporting the name change.

Q 3. Is there a deadline for name changes on Allegiant flights?

Yes, Allegiant has a specific timeframe within which name changes are permitted.

Q 4. Can I change my name at the airport counter?

Yes, Allegiant offers the option to change your name at the airport counter.

Q 5. Are there fees associated with name changes?

Yes, Allegiant imposes certain fees for modifying reservation details.

Q 6. What should I do if I encounter technical issues during the name change process?

Check your internet connection and try again. If the issue persists, contact Allegiant customer support.

Q 7. Can I change my name after the specified deadline?

It's advisable to contact Allegiant customer support for assistance in such cases.

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