How to Split PST File without Outlook - Step by Step Approach

Written by Emily Cooper  »  Updated on: July 10th, 2024

How to Split PST File without Outlook - Step by Step Approach

Splitting the PST file is important as the large size PST file tends to create the problem for the Outlook performance. Occurrence of corruption in big size PST file has larger chances as compare to the small PST files. User also requires to split PST file in order to avoid the chances of corruption from them.

Also, there are several other reasons that will make the importance of splitting the PST file. In this short write-up, we will foray into some more reasons and the solutions to split PST file without Outlook.

Why to Split the Outlook PST file?

Was it become really essential to split PST file? In this section of the blog, we have explained some probable benefits after splitting the PST file.

•   A large PST file tends to cause problems with Outlook performance, and users may face sluggishness while working on it.

•   It is easier to share the small PST files with anyone who has a limited amount of data storage.

•   Big PST files also attract the chances of corruption in them.

•   If you have multiple small files, then chances of the data loss is lesser in comparison if you all data stored in the same PST file.

•   Splitting the PST is also beneficial in the case when user require to share the file to others with only the specific data.

Ways to Split Outlook PST file without Outlook

There are several methods which can help you to split your PST file if you need to split PST file without Outlook then in that case look to use the third-party software. Users can use Weeom PST Splitter Tool which is extremely advanced software comes with a wide range of user-centric features.

It comes with that kind of user-friendly GUI, which makes it easy to use. The software offers beneficial features, like splitting PST files without Outlook based on various criteria. Users can comfortably run this utility on any system with a Windows Operating System. This utility also efficient to split PST file by year wise.

•   The tool has the capability to split both ANSI and UNICODE PST files.

•   Users can select anyone split criteria from split by year, size, and date.

•   It also allows users to choose the sub-folder to include and exclude from the process.

•   It is possible to download the process report after the splitting process is completed.

•   Users can download the free version of this split utility which helps to check all the functionalities that comes with the software.

•   Using the tool is easier for those who don’t even possess adequate technical knowledge.

Follow some quick steps to split the PST file without Outlook

•   Initially, users need to open the software after finishing the installation.

•   Use the browse or search button to add the PST files from the system to the tool.

•   Set the location to save files in the system by using the browse.

•   Select the sub-folder and split criteria, then click on the Next button.

•   After doing so the software will start the process to split PST file without Outlook which users can also watch its live processing.

After successful completion, the user will get multiple PST files with the required data.

Wrapping Up

If you want to split PST file without Outlook, then use the third-party splitting tool which we have talked about here. Users can opt for the solution discussed in this write-up, which comes with multiple functionalities. The software works with all PST files, whether they are UNICODE or ANSI. To check or analyze software performance users can download its free version and use it.

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